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  1. RedVipey

    Sibling Rivalry getting out of hand

    As of now my two boars are having a pretty big stink with each other, of course they often have a lot of little fights about dominance or they get annoyed at each other (and it seems to be happening more and more lately...) but this evening it's been bad and I'm concerned. Teddy (who is the...
  2. Keiko The Pig

    Bonded Boar Trouble

    Hey everyone, I need some advice. I have 2 healthy intact boars that just turned 1 year old in march/April. They've been together since April 2016 when I adopted a friend for my lone piggy. Recently my white pig Milo has been squeaking up a storm for no apparent reason. This happens before...
  3. Beans&Toast

    Confused By Toast's Behaviour

    Warning: slightly long post. So I've had Toast for close to a year now and all I knew about her was that her previous owner did not spend any time with her or show her affection, she lived alone in a small cage and had food thrown in once a day. Understandably this means that she's not the...
  4. Beans&Toast

    Help With Syringe Feeding?

    My Toastie has been on antibiotics and probiotics since Friday and she's got another few days left but it's just so difficult and it's stressing us both out. Toast's previous owner did not look after her properly and she was shown no love or attention. When I first got her almost a year ago...
  5. Ali7a

    Is The School Guinea Happy Or In Distress?

    Hi, I bring home the school guinea pigs (2) every weekend and during the holidays. They are at least 4 years old but more than likely older. They generally seem happy and in good health but the last few times I have had them at home I have noticed that one of them keeps making regular odd little...
  6. R

    First Lap Time Help

    Hiya, Kim and Kanye joined our family five days ago and we decided to do their first lap time. Me and my partner got a pig each, snuggled with them in a blanket and fed them a variety of veg. Kanye was totally fine, quiet, ate all the food I handed to him. Lots of strokes and cuddles and some...