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diy cage

  1. Olivitree

    DIY cage build advice

    Heya folks, so I'm building a large indoor set up, I'm creating a stand out of MDF and thats something I've worked with plenty, I hate it, but it's what I have a bunch of and I have built plenty out of it before. HOWEVER the complicated part. I don't want to use MDF on the main cage/hutch parts...
  2. W

    DIY cage advice UK

    Hi I am thinking about getting a couple of guinea pigs from a rescue. I am thinking about making a cage from wood as i am limited for height on 2 sides. Is wood ok to make it from? Any specific wood would be great? I am in the UK, I plan on making the cage at least 3.5ftx3.5ft but may...
  3. LuLu431

    Bonding questions?

    I am building a new cage and it will be done in couple hours (drying time) and it is about 13.5 ft.^2 and I’m about to get another female to go with my current female in about two weeks and I have a couple questions. Can I put my current pig in the new cage or should I wait for the second one...
  4. ChloeP

    DIY wooden cage :)

    I was hoping for opinions and advice for a DIY cage I'm in the process of designing! I was originally inspired by the Squeak Dreams (off you tubes) DIY cage and made this design (unsure on including the platform or not at the moment) for my two piggies based on that using contiboard and...
  5. MsBaru

    DIY cage - done!

    I want to thank everyone who helped me and gave me advice on how to build a suitable DIY guinea pig cage! Our family of three went from 120cm x 80cm to this huge guinea pig paradise. There are three floors which are all connected via fluffy ramps. Each floor is 190cm x 65cm! It was made to fit...
  6. S

    Wanting to build a new cage with wood.

    Hello all 😊 I'm new here and looking to build an enclosure for my two beautiful piggies, I'd like to give them more space and also allow for getting a couple more piggies in the future. I have looked up which woods are safe to use however I am struggling to find where to buy these from. B&Q all...
  7. MsBaru

    DIY cage idea - is it suitable?

    I am thinking about making a DIY cage, since pet store cages are way too small, but my space is limited and I want to fit it into a certain corner. If anyone knows a YouTube channel Guinea Dad, he made a video of himself converting a piece of furniture into a guinea pig pen. My idea was to put...
  8. Piggy996

    Can't Make Appropriate Cage

    Hi, I've been trying to make my piggy a new cage for last few months, but it seems impossible. I searched for grid cubes and coroplast (correx) in many many shops and I can't find it, people who work there have no idea what I'm asking about :( I also tried searching for the material on the...
  9. Sharon Cleary

    Cage Size For 5 Sows?

    What is the recommended cage size for 5 sows? I currently have 2 guinea pigs, but want to adopt 3 pigs that need to be rehomed. My pigs are housed in a wooden cage I made that measures 40" x 68" (18.8 sqft2). Will my current cage support the space required for five total sows, when I...
  10. BethRose

    Excitement Is Brewing!

    So ladies and gentlemen, I'm building a cage out of an XL dog crate plenty of room for a second level on each side! Very excited, I will post pictures when complete. I'm building a secure base out of thick wood which will have linoleum sealed onto it, then newspaper and then bedding so nice...
  11. VeganIzzy

    Diy Cage? Please Help!

    Hi everyone! I want to build a DIY cage for my piggies ASAP, however I only have a £50 budget as I am fifteen and I don't have a job or anything. I was thinking about making a wooden cage, then using some table legs to hold it up (I have back problems so can't bend over the cage all the time)...
  12. kerri Davidson

    New Piggies - Diy Cage

    Hi there, I'm thinking about getting 2 piggies next month and want to build a home for them. My last guinea pig lived on his own indoors and had a plastic cage and metal run but i want to try making my own one and have found some pretty good ideas on pintrest etc! The thing I'm struggling to find...