1. ChloeP

    DIY wooden cage :)

    I was hoping for opinions and advice for a DIY cage I'm in the process of designing! I was originally inspired by the Squeak Dreams (off you tubes) DIY cage and made this design (unsure on including the platform or not at the moment) for my two piggies based on that using contiboard and...
  2. Iggleandpiggle959

    Guinea pig cage diy or something else?

    Hi, you may have seen me posting on the forum a little bit lately but I have been trying to find the right cage for my two boars. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas that could help me, maybe by explaining what you have done for your pigs? The space I have is probably around 1 metre by...
  3. W

    Sprouts for pigs

    I'm attempting to grow more food for my pigs (currently trying to get Carrot, celery, lettuce and fennel to grow. I'm also going to grow wheatgrass for them). I heard that sprouts in general can be really beneficial, but I don't know what types I can actually grow for the pigs. Anyone tried this...
  4. C

    DIY Fleece Liner Types

    Hello! I'm new to this forum, hello to you all! I have a question for those of you that use u-haul padded fleece liners or have made them yourself :) I am a new owner of two adorable 6-month old girls. I recently upgraded their cage to a 3x5 C&C so they have tons of room to run around! I...
  5. MsBaru

    DIY cage - done!

    I want to thank everyone who helped me and gave me advice on how to build a suitable DIY guinea pig cage! Our family of three went from 120cm x 80cm to this huge guinea pig paradise. There are three floors which are all connected via fluffy ramps. Each floor is 190cm x 65cm! It was made to fit...
  6. MsBaru

    DIY cage idea - is it suitable?

    I am thinking about making a DIY cage, since pet store cages are way too small, but my space is limited and I want to fit it into a certain corner. If anyone knows a YouTube channel Guinea Dad, he made a video of himself converting a piece of furniture into a guinea pig pen. My idea was to put...
  7. adussiaQ

    Storage Recommendations

    Hi all, I couldn’t find a similar thread so I made my own, not sure it’s in the right chat but please move it if it’s not. I’m looking for your recommendations on storage. I buy all my piggie items in bulk and it’s begging to be hard to store. It doesn’t look great and it’s not practical just...
  8. Munching Maniac

    Hay racks

    Hello everyone, I need advice on hay racks because at the moment I give my guinea pigs a pile of hay but after a while they walk on the hay and wee on it so I have to replace it. It would be easier for me to have a hay rack but I don’t know if it would help or not. I don’t mind diy so if you...
  9. Joshbob

    Guinea Pig Cages Store

    Hello everyone, I’m looking to build a cage for my piggies using grids. Has anyone purchased anything from Guinea Pig Cages Store or maybe know a cheaper/better alternative? Or maybe share any advice or your experience on building your own cage.
  10. F

    Ideas for Attaching Water Bottle to DIY Cage

    Hi there! Over December my husband and I created our own DIY guinea pig cage/plant table combo as a Christmas present to me (I have been wanting some guinea pigs for a while now!). On Saturday we will be picking up our guineas from a rescue (a momma and baby!). I have everything in place but...
  11. dannif_piggies

    Toy/boredom breaker ideas

    Hi all, I'm wanting to get a larger selection of enrichment together for my piggies, they have some enrichment and I often make them things from toilet roll tubes etc, but I was wondering. Is there anything that others have used that may have not been originally intended for piggies? Looking...
  12. Jesse's pigs

    Is It A Dog Or Mo?

    Does anyone else's guinea pig roll over?! Mo does :lol!: if I stroke him near his belly he rolls over like a dog- must be ticklish! And (as you'll see in the video) when he gets a bit over excited... (This video was taken ages ago Mo was a baby) here I decided to get 'crafty' and make a...
  13. Jennybug89

    Diy To Help Her Settle In

    So we've had Rosie for just under two weeks now and I'm doing everything I can to make her life happy and healthy! Spent two hours last night on Instagram and Pinterest looking at Guinea pig diy ideas and ended up making her a hammock out of a no longer loved One Direction blanket (my daughters)...
  14. Casey Ford

    Fleece Liners And Baxter Pads?

    So I have been looking at making my own fleece liners for my boys as buying them is SO expensive! I have heard pros and cons to the Uhaul furniture pad route, something about them disintegrating in the wash. So I thought maybe Baxter pads for human incontinence might work? They are big absorbent...
  15. Ariangel

    Laminate Cage?

    Yes it's me again with another question! :roll: So today a friend was telling me about a new cage she was going to be making for her guinea pigs out of laminate flooring. She had spare flooring left over so she is using that as the sides for her cage and for the floor she is using vinyl with...
  16. Danielle Smith

    Let's Talk About Diy Wooden Cages

    Since we've moved house, we now have a dedicated guinea-pig room -- which is super exciting but also a little sad, I miss having them an arm's length away. I've been looking into DIY wooden cage options (just so things can look a little more polished) and there seems to be three main options...
  17. CraftyCavies

    Piggy Diy

    I love making things for the piggies, and crafts in general. It would be amazing if you could share how you make fleece items and other cavy related crafts with me.
  18. BethRose

    Excitement Is Brewing!

    So ladies and gentlemen, I'm building a cage out of an XL dog crate plenty of room for a second level on each side! Very excited, I will post pictures when complete. I'm building a secure base out of thick wood which will have linoleum sealed onto it, then newspaper and then bedding so nice...
  19. VeganIzzy

    Diy Cage? Please Help!

    Hi everyone! I want to build a DIY cage for my piggies ASAP, however I only have a £50 budget as I am fifteen and I don't have a job or anything. I was thinking about making a wooden cage, then using some table legs to hold it up (I have back problems so can't bend over the cage all the time)...
  20. MollyB

    Diy Emergency

    Hi all, I had to buy a hutch in the end, and when it arrived it was definitely too small. I'm supposed to be rehoming 2 boys today, and it's just not big enough for them. I can build on to it, as one of the sides is mesh; I was hoping to create a small room with a slope so they can walk...