1. mytwomaleguineas

    Nibbling ears?

    Hi, my sister has informed me that cookie has been nibbling walnut’s ears. What is this a sign of? Thank you :)
  2. mytwomaleguineas

    Boar glue?

    Hi again my friends! I have found some clear glue like liquid that was dried on my piggies fleece today. I’m assuming it is boar glue but I can attach a photo if it could be something else. I know that they could have boar glue because of dominance but currently the other guinea pig (walnut) and...
  3. Sullivancourt

    My 1 1/2 yo boy is bullying my 5 week old boy.

    I just feel like he’s always fighting to drink and eat. I have two of everything except a food bowl. My bigger boy is always puffing himself up, constantly rumble strutting, pushing the baby. The baby is gaining weight, and I know he eats, but it’s always at the mercy of the giant fat boy. I...
  4. T

    Two dominant boars & not enough space, Please help.

    Hello, I am a new guinea pig owner and I have unfortunately made a very irresponsible decision. Ten days ago I set out to get a new pet guinea pig, I had a 2x3 c&c cage set and all of the other necessities. To keep a long story short, I ended up being convinced to get two after being told they...
  5. G

    I Messed Up The Introduction (2 Boars)

    I'm desperately trying to repair a botched introduction after doing many things wrong. I let the two exist in a divided cage for a short time (less than a day - they seemed so interested in each other and calm), and then took away the partition so they could properly meet. It didn't go well...