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  1. CheeseAndPiggle

    Glucosamine for bladder inflammation

    Good morning, I only just joined & I've already posted up my introduction. The 2 girlies we adopted in September were loved by their previous owners but for some reason they could no longer devote time to caring for them anymore. I know they meant no harm & would appreciate no judgement on...
  2. HappyCavies

    Sulfatrim Dose Help

    Our guinea pig Lon-Lon is suffering with a recurring abscess on her jaw (have attached a picture). We are planning to take her to Northampton to see Simon Maddock as soon as we can, as we are not confident in our local vets. In the mean time, she has been given Metacam and Sulfatrim (16mg/ml +...
  3. TheLottiediarys

    Can You Split A 'once Daily' Dose Uni A Twice A Day Dose?

    Hi guys I've been looking around a can't seem to find an answer Can you split a medicine dose that is suppose to be once a day in two and give it twice a day if the animal is struggling to take it all in one go? Would that reduce the effectiveness of the medicine?