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ear issues

  1. lydvn

    Booger/Pus in guinea pigs ear

    One of my guinea pigs has been scratching her ear more than usual and shaking her head a lot. I checked her ear and there is a white looking booger thing at the very bottom in there and I am not sure if this is an ear infection or and emergency? Is there any way I can make this better for her...
  2. L

    White bump on ear

    My boar of nearly three years, Storm, has recently developed a small, white bump on his ear. It's only on the backside near the edge, and is clearly raised. The skin above feels 'strained', similar to human pimples, but there seems to be no inflamation, reddening or anything similar. The bump...
  3. bellaandclover

    ear issue

    hello! does anyone know what to do if your guinea pig has a dry ear? she has some dry spots the outside of her ear, i doubt it is anything but just thought i would ask people on here to make sure she is okay! i haven’t seen her scratch it but if it is anything, i want to treat it as soon as...
  4. Puddles1999

    Right twitching ear?

    Minnie is getting treated for some gas in her tummy. She is on metoclopramide 3 times a day + gripe water. however today I noticed that her right ear flaps whenever she eats/drinks. I don’t notice it when she first wakes up but I see it whenever she starts eating. I am so stressed. I have...
  5. alphadox

    Ear Infection? Green Hard Buildup

    Hello! My one sow is dealing with some sort of an ear issue. First about a week ago or so her left ear was twitching and she scratched at it. Also she was not happy with it being touched. I then saw this green thing in the ear and she kicked it out. Figured it could be a buildup of hay but made...
  6. H

    Vet update!

    my boy just had his first appointment with the vets, and unfortunately a few issues did come up :( 1. I have been clipping his nails and I thought his coat seemed clean and healthy. However, because he's never been groomed by his humans, he needs a bath with a mild shampoo, which I think I...
  7. Arwen

    Ear Falling Off

    Hi everyone, I'm a relatively new guinea pig owner, and I seem to be having a problem right now. My girl's left ear always had two patches of black skin, and we thought nothing of it, I kind is dismissed it as just the colour of her skin. But Today I can see one of the patches of black is...
  8. Hazel&Daliah

    Guinea Pig Flapping Ears

    Hi guys! I have a quick question. I had my guinea pig Daliah out for lap time. I was giving her a piece of fruit for her to snack on and noticed her flapping her ears while eating. She was doing it every 10 secs or so. At first we thought she was excited and thought it was cute and funny. She...
  9. H

    Pet Sitting For A Month

    Hi! My friend dropped off her baby guinea pig today. I thought id be taking care of it for a week, turns out hes staying with me for a month. Are there any tips i should know? She gave me the basics on food and care but Id like some more tips. I also noticed some sores on one of his ears and I'm...
  10. crnyng

    New Baby Pig W/ Flaky Red Ear; Suggestions?

    New here so not quite sure how all this works. Anyhow though, about a week ago I picked up two new little girls and one had an URI which I am giving medicine but the other I recently found has a flaky ear. It looks like it either got nibbled a little or she scratched it too hard as well because...