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  1. Y

    Is Hay Rattle/Yellow Rattle poisonous to guinea pigs?

    Hi all, With it being winter, we're using a lot more hay than usual for our guinea pigs to use as bedding and also to eat as they quite enjoy it. The only problem is that the best hay we can find has tonnes of Hay Rattle/Yellow Rattle seeds in it (literally in every handful of hay) and we're...
  2. UhreGuineas

    What Flowers Can Guinea Pigs Eat?

    Over the summer i plan in making a little garden for the piggies and was wondering what some good options are. I was thinking about marigolds, nasturtiums, and teddy bear sunflowers. If there is possibly more I could add to their garden, or if i should not get them one of the 3 i planned on...
  3. Sewn_Chaos

    Which Part Of The Hay Is Eaten?

    Greetings, So I have one question, the hays that we gave the piggies consist of the stalks and the leaves, correct me if I am wrong, apologize for I am not really familiar of that subject matter. Anyway, I am wondering, which part of the hay is actually eaten? I always thought they would eat the...