1. caramell

    Elderly guinea pig- Blood in pee, possible UTI? Advice needed ASAP please

    Hello everyone, my pig Caramel is almost 8 years old and seems to have contracted a UTI. (Her sister, Coconut, passed away about two years ago.) Around last week, she developed splotches of blood in her urine along with lethargy/low appetite, so we fed her cranberry juice, it didn't seem to get...
  2. lilypet

    Worried about giving elderly piggy Itrafungol

    Hi all, I haven't posted for years and years, but I joined the form when our 2 piggies were new! Sadly Lily died a few years ago, but Petal is still going strong :nod:- she's 7. However, I took her to the vet's last week because of a bald patch over her eye for about 2 weeks. Suspected...