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  1. Kallasia

    Announcement - And Piggie Photoshoot :d

    Hello everyone! I have some news to share with you all! My partner and I are getting married! :D The wonderful Nicola from the RSPCA took some amazing announcement photos for us! And the boars were on their best behaviour! I'm so excited! :yahoo:We've already picked out a venue and...
  2. Kallasia

    The Christmas Haul!

    Firstly, sorry it took me a while to post these but it was pretty hectic what with the family coming over and us doing Christmas Dinner for them for the first time! Anyway, I thought you'd all like to see what the pigs got up to over Christmas so here you go! :) Getting to bed early on...
  3. Kallasia

    Ramps In Guinea Pigs Cage

    Adding a second storey to your pigs’ pen can be a great way to increase their living space. However, you need to do it right or they won’t use it! Here are some general tips and also how I made mine :) yawn – Binky sleeping upstairs away from Errol charging around downstairs Steepness Guinea...