1. Piggiesforever777

    Exercise unmotivated guinea pig?

    I have a guinea pig who is above the healthy guinea pig weight and I don't know what to do. I have given her free rome but she just sits in the same spot for a few minutes and then she falls asleep in the same spot. I have tried diet changes but she shares a cage with other Guinea pigs and I...
  2. T

    Piggies don’t like being away from their cage?

    We have two female guinea pigs, about 2 years old now. We try to lay out a blanket and section off an area of the floor for them to play in while somebody supervises at least once or twice a week. However, they seem to dislike it and will just plant themselves as close as possible to where they...
  3. A

    Bladder Stone Advice - Exercise

    Hi, I hope someone can offer some advice for me. I have a 1 year old Male pig who has had repeated UTI's and now diagnosed with substantial bladder stone. He has been sent home with a bottle of loxicom which he has twice a day. i'm reducing his nugget intake, upping his water intake and the vet...
  4. kate4001

    Exercise Questions For Slightly New Pigs

    Hi everyone, I just had a few questions about guinea pig exercise and was wondering if anyone could weigh in. I recently adopted 2 guinea pigs in November, Nutmeg and Pumpkin. An american and an abby. Pumpkin is still a baby and has lots of cute happy energy. Nutmeg is also young and likes to...
  5. Abbie Brooks

    Ideas For Exercise Runs?

    Hello all, I am new to the forum and do not have any guinea pigs. I have had a pair of boars previously. I have been longing for another pair of guinea pigs (I can't due to timing and money). Also I do not know if this thread is in the right topic but I assumed it came under care. I wondered if...
  6. Streaky

    Tips To Keeping Guineas Warm Through Winter

    Hi, I have recently moved my Guinea Pig into the conservatory due to the cold weather during winter. I was just wondering if any of you piggy owners had tips/ tricks to keeping your guinea pig warm and how to make sure they get some sort of exercise when it’s too cold for them to go out. Thanks!
  7. D


    I recently got two 7 month old male pig goes from a local rescue (about two weeks ago) and I weighed them on arrival, and again a week later. I weighed them again today and the have both lost around 60-70g . One from 1110 to 1050 and the other from 920 to 860g. They are both completely fine and...
  8. ChloeCee98

    How To Start Doing Lap Time?

    How do I get my piggies to do lap time? With years of having hamsters I'm still a bit jumpy...but I know I need to get used to getting them out. MoMo my older pig is used to being held by her previous owner but she still isn't fully confident with me just yet. But noodle is around 5 months old...
  9. Cookie&JayJay

    What Can I Feed My Guinea Pigs To Spice Up Their Boring Daily Food Routine?

    Hello, I am new to this forum, and don't quite know how it works, so sorry if I'm asking in the wrong place. I have two guinea pigs, Cookie and Jay Jay. They are both super fat and eat a lot, but everyday eat the same boring things, like cabbage, silver beet, red and yellow silver beet, stuff...
  10. Einahpets16

    Exercising Ball?

    Hi everyone. I'm pleased to say my babygirl is not a baby anymore because she's now 11 months old.:love: Woow time really passes by quick. Well leaving that aside the topic I would like to know of is about exercising balls. :help: You see I notice Agatha is now bigger than before and I would say...
  11. coco&chanel

    Outdoor Run On Grass

    Hello, I have 2 pigs that live outside in a hutch. I let them into their run daily (weather permitting) with plenty of shade and tunnels/ houses etc. They have lots of safe grass to nibble on and food and water available. I was wondering how long I should leave them in their run for. Is there a...