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Daisy Wilson

New Born Pup
May 8, 2017
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South Wales
I recently got two 7 month old male pig goes from a local rescue (about two weeks ago) and I weighed them on arrival, and again a week later. I weighed them again today and the have both lost around 60-70g . One from 1110 to 1050 and the other from 920 to 860g. They are both completely fine and happy within themselves and are eating and drinking fine. i was wondering if it was the increased exercise they are getting now (daily runs around my room) that has caused them to lose weight as they didn't get this opportunity to run as much at the rescue? Or should be concerned. I've had a poorly pig in the past but normally only one would lose weight, it seemed weird that this time they both have lost weight.
I'm going to weigh them again tomorrow to check it wasn't just a daily fluctuation. Any ideas guys?
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