1. A

    Weight & Hair loss

    Hi all, One of my pigs, female aged around 3-4, has been losing weight for around a year now. She is very skinny but eating normal (huge interest in food!) we noticed an increase in how much she is drinking, but the vet said he couldn't find a problem. She has now seen 3 vets who cant seem to...
  2. Leeni

    Mimmi's Weightloss

    Mimmi had quite a serious bloat in the end of October. I posted about it here: Bloat, Need Of Support! She got better from it and hasn't suffered from any bloats after that one. However, her health is not as good as I would like it to be. Her weight issues puzzle me. My question is that is this...
  3. D


    I recently got two 7 month old male pig goes from a local rescue (about two weeks ago) and I weighed them on arrival, and again a week later. I weighed them again today and the have both lost around 60-70g . One from 1110 to 1050 and the other from 920 to 860g. They are both completely fine and...