1. lauryn1289

    Any advice or ideas about an underweight piggy?

    One of my piggies Kip is over 6 now and he’s very skinny. He was never a chubby pig to begin with but I’ve noticed his weight dwindle as he’s aged and I’m just wondering if anyone has tips or advice or even experience with older pigs? His cagemate died from bloat around 6-7 years old last...
  2. Wetherill


    I’ve been posting a few times over the last few months or so about my boy Lionel (5), who was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism about a week or so ago. He has started on pills, but as much as he eats, the weight is still falling off of him. He had been eating critical care from a spoon for a few...
  3. D

    Guinea pig weight for age

    My Delilah loves her food. She is five months old. Her second name is Dumpling because she has a tummy like a dumpling. On average she is putting on weight between 30-40grams a week. I’m wondering when or at what age a female guinea pigs growth stops and they reach an optimal weight that...
  4. B

    Chunky pigs

    Hello I have two female guinea pigs who are looking a little chunky, they have a big enclosure, unlimited access to hay and get ¼ a cup of pellets a day and they do come out for play time, my main concern is their weight I don't know their exact weight but I do know they're a little chunky what...
  5. Pig & Pymble

    Reasons for weight loss?

    My lovely pig, Pig, has been loosing weight for a few months now following what we think is a case of bad sterile interstitial cystitis (more info on a previous recent thread here), despite us still syringe feeding 60ml/day, and him eating for himself (veg, hay, biscuits). He used to be 1450g...
  6. Pig & Pymble

    Not gaining/maintaining weight

    Hello! I've got a previous thread from the end of June when my boy Pig (aged 2) was struggling with squeaky wees/poos. To summarise - he had 2 CT scans, X-rays, ultrasounds and urine testing with nothing showing for it other than a little blood in the urine, and it seems like interstitial...
  7. thepiggies

    Big guinea pig?

    I have a herd of 4 - one neutered boar and three sows. I recently noticed 1 year old, Athena, getting bigger. At first I was scared of pregnancy, but I’ve checked many times, and am positive everyone besides Bunny (the neutered boar) is female. My next thought was bloating, however when I felt...
  8. Cavysarah

    Guinea Pig only eating dry food

    Hello, I am hoping someone can help me with my guinea pig. She won't eat any food other than dry food (and pea flakes as a treat). We use Burgess nuggets with blackcurrant and Oregano. As a result she is a lot lighter than our other guinea pig (she is 600g and the other 1-1kg) but not losing...
  9. emily21

    Guinea pig weight

    Hi guys so I've seen most websites say a healthy weight for a male guinea pig is between 900 - 1200 g but my vet weighed my own boar and said he was healthy at 1350. When I asked he said anything up to about 1400 is healthy so has anybody else been told something similar to this?
  10. Jesse's pigs

    Weight drop

    Hi, I’ve started weighing my piggies weekly this year (I did weigh them in the past but this year I have done it religiously each week). Now, I know they fluctuate and I’m used to seeing them raise and drop a few grams here and there, but Bellamy has dropped a bit more than usual and I don’t...
  11. dabel101

    Weighing skittish pig

    Hi! I have a piggie coming to 5 months old and she is extremely skittish, she is sometimes ok with me stroking her but hates getting held. I have a really hard time getting ahold of her and getting her to stay on the scales when i do. My question is how can i weigh her without stressing her out...
  12. dabel101


    Hi! I have two sows, both almost 8 months old, and both of them weigh around 920-930g. I feel like this seems like quite a large number for their age. Just thought i’d get everyones opinion. Their heft seems good, i can feel their ribs but there is a layer of fat there (if that makes sense)...
  13. dabel101

    Fluctuating Weight

    Hi! I think I'm worrying over nothing but my guinea pigs weight has been fluctuating. Two weeks ago she weighed in at 936g then last week she was 925g and now she is 915g, i also dont weigh them at the same which i probably should. Could it have been that i weighed her on a full stomach on the...
  14. Kirbs

    weight loss

    I recently weighed my guinea pig and his weight has dropped significantly from 1300g to 1150g over the past couple weeks. We moved them inside for the winter around October and he's been living alone ever since due to the fact that he doesn't get along with any of the other pigs. He is given...
  15. furmom.pau

    Poop check pls

    My piggy has been on antibiotics for 8 days now and her poops are being weird ever since. We've been feeding her probiotics and syringe feeding hay and pellets to her. No veggies. At first she was always hiding, maybe because of the antibiotic side effects but now she's coming outside and...
  16. C.Courtney0310

    Guinea Pig Weight

    Hi everyone I just got my guinea pigs a little over a week ago from PetCo and was not told the age of them. They seem very healthy and eat/drink enough, but when I weighed them they were about 330gs. Does anyone know if theyre underweight of just young? Please help I'm scared if they will die :(...
  17. W

    Exercise (not allowed to free roam)

    I noticed recently that two of my pigs have been getting a little chunky and not in a good sort of way. I asked my parents if I could free roam them in the kitchen (slate floors) or bathroom (plastic floor) but the answer was an adamant no due to pee and the general smell. I was wondering what...
  18. S

    Weight at 4 months!

    Hello both of our boars are 870g and are 4 months old. They seem to be gaining quite quickly despite me only giving them the amount of food that is recommended. Is this a big weight or should I reduce the pellets & veggies? thanks 😊
  19. HarukoJay

    Weight of Guinea Pig should be ?

    How much should a male guinea pig weight base on each age ? or any link on weight guide by age so that i can take note of it. My little one (Toshi) is 2 month old (male) i have been reading that it is good to weight guinea pig often but unsure what is healthy range of a pig. He is now about...
  20. S

    Are my boys underweight.

    Hello I have two guinea boys who are between 10-11 weeks, they were purchased from a farm. They have both increased 60g in the last 6 days now weighing 441g & 480-ishg but I’m not sure if I should be worried that they are underweight or on the flip side gaining too quickly. Is this any cause...