1. C.Courtney0310

    Guinea Pig Weight

    Hi everyone I just got my guinea pigs a little over a week ago from PetCo and was not told the age of them. They seem very healthy and eat/drink enough, but when I weighed them they were about 330gs. Does anyone know if theyre underweight of just young? Please help I'm scared if they will die :(...
  2. W

    Exercise (not allowed to free roam)

    I noticed recently that two of my pigs have been getting a little chunky and not in a good sort of way. I asked my parents if I could free roam them in the kitchen (slate floors) or bathroom (plastic floor) but the answer was an adamant no due to pee and the general smell. I was wondering what...
  3. S

    Weight at 4 months!

    Hello both of our boars are 870g and are 4 months old. They seem to be gaining quite quickly despite me only giving them the amount of food that is recommended. Is this a big weight or should I reduce the pellets & veggies? thanks 😊
  4. HarukoJay

    Weight of Guinea Pig should be ?

    How much should a male guinea pig weight base on each age ? or any link on weight guide by age so that i can take note of it. My little one (Toshi) is 2 month old (male) i have been reading that it is good to weight guinea pig often but unsure what is healthy range of a pig. He is now about...
  5. S

    Are my boys underweight.

    Hello I have two guinea boys who are between 10-11 weeks, they were purchased from a farm. They have both increased 60g in the last 6 days now weighing 441g & 480-ishg but I’m not sure if I should be worried that they are underweight or on the flip side gaining too quickly. Is this any cause...
  6. Percypatch

    Underweight piggy

    Hello everyone, it’s my first time posting a thread on here so please bare with me. My 4 year old male piggy, Percy, has recently lost some weight to the point where I am able to feel almost every bone in his body when I pick him up. Percy was just in at the vets a few weeks ago for a serious...
  7. ashleemelda

    Slight Weight Loss: New Cage The Cause?

    Last night, I moved my two guinea pigs, Moira and Rose, into a new, larger cage, which they have taken to wonderfully already. This morning, however, during their weekly weigh-in, they had both fallen to around 890g. Rose weighed 915g the week prior, so a loss of 25g, whereas Moira weighed 923g...
  8. PaytonMichelle

    My guinea pig is losing weight but is acting normal

    I am on break from school and have recently moved my guinea pigs to a new location. Same cage but new place. The piggies seem happy and act 100% normal. I was doing their weekly weigh ins and noticed that my pig Winston has lost some weight. On December 11 he was 822 but yesterday he was 808 and...
  9. Alexemond97

    One overweighted guinea pig and one normal

    Hi, I have two boars who share together everything. They eat at the same time and there is no fight. They eat about the same amount of food. However, one is 1050g and the other one is 1400g. I would like my big boy to lose some weight but I don’t want the little one to be even more skinny. Do...
  10. ashleemelda

    Question Re: Hay, Weight Gain Food

    Since getting my girls back in late May/early June they have always been on the petite side. I have since gotten them up to approximately 840g. After a discussion with my vet and looking at several forums on here, I began slowly introducing small amounts of dry, old-fashioned oats and grated...
  11. Kirbs

    Is this normal?

    Last week we’ve moved our 5 piggies inside for the winter and they’ve all seem to put on 30g to 65 ish. I was just wondering if this is normal for them? (Its our smallest one that’s put in the most weight but I think it’s due to the fact that we had to separate him from his two friends as he...
  12. Ruby200e

    Proper weight?

    So I’ve been a bit concerned about Chorizo, when it comes to food he’s really not vocal, and he really doesn’t eat as much as Tiny (my new piggie)does. I weighed him today and he’s about 450 grams, and I believe he’s around 3-4 months. What do you guys think, do you think that’s an appropriate...
  13. eednasnaus

    Pup weight?

    Hi guys! Sorry, I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place but I'm worried for my babies. After doing some more research, I found out that our little piggies are underweight. I read that piggies weight should be at least 250 grams at 3 weeks. I was searching for more posts in this...
  14. A

    Young Guinea Pig not gaining weight

    Hello! This is my first post here as we recently adopted 3 female Guinea Pigs and I am trying to learn as much as I can about them. But right now, I think one of them needs more help. I don’t know exactly their age, but according to the rough estimate by the breeder, they are around 10 to 12...
  15. Sparrow&Meadow

    How much should my Guinea Pig weigh?

    I recently got two guinea pigs and am a bit concerned about ones weight. They are both around the same length, roughly 18-20cm and are believed to be around 8-10 weeks, the pet store really didn’t have a clue about their age, but their weight is drastically different. The larger one is already...
  16. C

    Guinea pig weight?

    Hi, ive recently started weighing my 5 year old guinea pig penny every thursday and i have some questions. First off, she currently weighs 787 grams. Is that an OK weight? Ive been told that the average is between 800-1000 grams, but then almost every online source i use tells me 700-900 grams...
  17. DizzyD95

    Baby Guinea Pig (Sows) Average Weights

    Hello :) I have recently bought two baby guinea pig sows, Popcorn and Minstrel! I want to weigh them weekly for the next six weeks just to make sure they're both putting weight on - I think Popcorn is eating much more than Minstrel, so I want to make sure they're both healthy and growing as...
  18. GeorgiaHarris

    Average weight for a 4 month old boar

    I recently adopted a 4 month old boar and I weighed him yesterday and he was 822g but I don’t know what the average is at his age and whether or not he’s at a healthy weight. I’ve looked online but I can only find average weights for adults.
  19. B


    So my guinea pig Lucy is about 5 and a half almost 6 years old. Shes recently lost quite a bit of weight. You can feel all her bones and shes really light and its quite worry some. Shes eating fine and has a good appetite. She doesnt seem to be acting any diffrent either. I dont know what the...
  20. bex's gpigs

    Advice Needed: Weight Loss

    Hi there. Hoping someone can shed some light on an ongoing problem. My little Luna 4 on the 23rd has been loosing weight. It started in January and the vet thought it was a possible uri antibiotics seemed to work and she put on over 200g. Then late February came she was loosing weight again and...