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  1. amber89

    Getting an almost adult female into a group with a teenager female

    Hello all, Our beloved Muffin, an adult female guinea pig, sadly died on Wednesday. We still have at home an adult neutered boar (Pufu) and a female baby, close to be a teenager (Cupcake - she will be 4 months on the 10th of May). The cage seems to empty with only two piggies and we, the...
  2. Prasiddha

    Boar glue 😔

    Poor Icy.. brownie has put his boar glue on icy's back. Icy's hair become tangled to a bunch with white cement like thing stuck. I tried cleaning with warm water and soap. He just started crying loudly. Poor boy. I was forced to cut of his hair in the affected area. Is there any way I can stop...
  3. Prasiddha

    Two unneutered male - bonding issue

    Icy is the father who lives with his son browny. Due to misunderstanding in guinea pig sex icy was the route cause to my guinea pig sow (fluffy's back to back pregnancy) fluffy stays with her daughter flora and her new borns (4 pups) in a different cage. From 21 days old browny stays with his...
  4. P

    Baths And Boar Behavior

    We have 2 boars one an adult not sure hos age as he was adopted as am adult and the other about 2 to 3 months old maybe. We bonded them and everything has been fine. They other day I bathe the adults bum and grease gland he had poo smoothed all around his bum area and stuck in thr. They other...
  5. Cavy Kung-Fu

    Have Some Teeth! Bitey Boy.

    So with all my efforts to get Iggy better and loving him unconditionally, he's decided to thank me by biting me :)) I know when Bella was young she went through this phase. She came out of it fairly quickly and I did the normal "I'm the boss but I love you" guinea pig dominance techniques which...
  6. D


    I recently got two 7 month old male pig goes from a local rescue (about two weeks ago) and I weighed them on arrival, and again a week later. I weighed them again today and the have both lost around 60-70g . One from 1110 to 1050 and the other from 920 to 860g. They are both completely fine and...