1. G

    Bonding 3rd guinea pig

    Hi! I have 2 boars living in a 6ft*2ft c&c with an extra 2ft*2ft to make it an L shape (total 16 square ft). They’re both around 8 months old. Today in my local pet shop I saw they have a lone boar (looked small so about 2 months I’d assume) who I instantly fell in love with. I know it can be...
  2. emmafoote

    Help with bonding!

    Until recently i had 2 male guinea pigs who had never got on (one was adopted after another passed away) i have tried floor time many times in a very large room and it’s always ended in a fight and sometimes injuries. One of the 2 (mixed colour Peruvian in the picture) was seeming very lonely so...
  3. ashimay

    Separating two bonded boars whilst treating one for ringworm

    Whilst carrying out the daily health checks on my two boars last night I noticed that Otis had what I suspected to be a fungal infection on one of his ears, a quick trip to the vet this evening confirmed that it was indeed ringworm (in the early stages) and checked over my other boar and...
  4. Vanschick91

    Possible Respiratory issue or Allergy?

    Hey all, New to the Guinea pig world... I used to have Degus but sadly after my last one passed away 2 years ago, I have now acquainted myself with 2 beautiful guniea pig boars. They are brothers, we got them when they were 3 & half months old from pets at home. They are are now 5 months...
  5. K

    Boars smell after neutering

    Hi, My two boars have recently been neutered, bless them. Health-wise, they are both doing great. They’re both eating, drinking, pooping etc. But they both stink! It’s a very pungent smell (one is worse than the other) that’s quite hard to describe. I’m not sure if it’s seepage from the...
  6. Dystopoly

    Re-Bonding after same-cage separation?

    This might be a bit of a silly question, but I’ve been wondering whether or not you have to re-introduce two pigs (boars, in my case) on neutral territory with all the precautions of a complete re-bonding if you’ve simply had a couple see-through grids between them for a day or two? Would it be...
  7. JP88

    Behaviour and rumblestrutting

    Hello all. Myself and my partner have recently got two new male Guinea pigs (roughly 8-10 weeks). They appear to have settled well and are eating, drinking and chatting etc. My question is, one appears to be more dominant than the other and is rumblestrutting a lot and in a few occasions, humped...
  8. J

    Two three month old boars fighting

    We recently bought 2 brother guinea-pigs. After having 3 sets of female guinea pigs who all lived happy long lives we thought males would be much the same and easy going... However, they started scrapping about 3 weeks ago and it progressively got worse resulting in one now missing half of his...
  9. annachapman112

    Bladder stones

    Hi all. My guinea pig Tommy was showing signs of bladder stones in the past week, squeeking with pain when trying to go to the toilet and rearing up a lot when finally going. Took him to the vet yesterday, he suspects bladder stones too but an X-ray must be done for confirmation and then surgery...
  10. T

    Bonded Pair Gone Bad

    Hi I rescue animals including guinea pigs with my fiancé. I have four permanent piggies in my home and I’ve run into a bit of a problem with a pair I took in about a year ago that’s been slowly getting worse the older they get. I rescued two male boats who were litter mates and they argued a...
  11. piggie.slave


    Hello, i have come home today and cleaned the pigs and noticed a bite mark on one of my pigs faces. They are two males and have been together for nearly a year in a few months. Rolo, the one who has been bitten is 5 and we lost his brother so we brought scruff who is 1 next month. They get on...
  12. Thebubbypiggies

    Boars mounting each other

    I have to boars together and they are constantly mounting each other. Mostly one more than the other. I know this is normal behaviour but they do it every day. They don’t show any signs of cuts or bites, so they aren’t violent with each other. They’re also in a 3x4 so the size isn’t to small...
  13. Yasmin

    Straining guinea pig

    Hello. One of my boars strains and makes a low noise before he passed poop. The poop comes out fine and normal and I keep checking for impaction but it's not that. What could it be? Many thanks.
  14. N

    Guinea pigs fighting after months of peace

    I currently have a couple of two male guinea pigs living together in the same cage. They have about 1,5 month difference in age, and have been together for 4 months now. They had a few problems when I put them together (I made a thread about it, I initially got only one and then took the second...
  15. denverguineas

    To Separate or Not To Separate

    In May of 2018 I adopted two bonded intact boars. I was told they had come from a pet store and were together their whole lives. When I got them they were both a year and a half. One was bigger (then 1000g, now 1200) and one small (then 800, now just barely 900). The big one is named Denali, the...
  16. A

    Male boar won’t stop rumblestrutting

    Ok so I had two male guinea pigs ad he rumble strutted quite a lot but not as much as when I put the third boar in he doesn’t hurt him or chatter his teeth he even occasionally licks him and pop corns after rumbling at him. I bonded them all about 1 month ago and he’s only just started to do it...
  17. Siikibam

    Coco & Chanel

    Today I did an impromptu photo shoot with Coco and Chanel. They were both very good though Chanel did want to wander off and explore. Hence facing off to the side in the last photo 😁

    First night together!

    Hi there, I’m new here and just looking for a bit of advice. We have just adopted a new Guinea pig today from a rescue. He is a 1.5 year old male and had always lived alone. We needed a new companion for our 10 month old male as he lost his friend recently. The bonding has gone pretty well and...
  19. WorldsBestBoars

    Teenage tantrums.

    So, I got my boys one day apart, from different litters, same breeder, when they were both supposedly 10 weeks old. I got the nutty (King) Louis (tortoise shell, his highness) first and we bonded pretty well right away. He was instantly territorial when I brought home She-Ra (Princess of Power...
  20. B

    Getting along !

    My two boys are finally really starting to get along! I rehomed them from a family back in July , and they both had bite marks on them from fighting, nothing bad on their previous owner but I think they were a bit unaware of how to take care of them properly they only had a quarter of the space...