1. D

    Guinea pig babies

    So my guinea pig fuzzy gave birth to 2 lovely boys last night, one weighing 101 grams and one weighing 98 grams. We already have 2 neutered boys and we are wondering weather we can have the baby boys and bigger boys together. They are fine together at the moment as we left fuzzy in the cage with...
  2. nonscripta

    Double Checking Normal Behaviour

    Hiya! My boys are about 2 and a half months old now; I just wanted to make sure I've nothing to worry about in their behaviour. For background, they have a two story cage that's about 1.5 by .5 metres, but they're only in there at night. In the day they can freely wander a large section of the...
  3. Mystic_corgi

    Getting Past The Teenage Years (two boars)

    I am still quite new to owning guinea pigs with only owing 3 in my lifetime and this is my first time having two guinea pigs together. I own two boars named Wasabi and Tofu who about 9 months old. They seem to get along quite well for the most part. They are able to share food bowls, water...
  4. Sullivancourt

    How much is too much white stuff on fleece?

    I have two boys, and lately the white stuff has been increasing. Bigger areas in places where they pee more frequently. Where they sleep and relax there’s usually one or two small spots. At first it was a small amount, which I know if it’s calcium that’s normal. Lately it just seems to be...
  5. Dystopoly

    Separating for a URI?

    So, this morning I rushed my boys into the vet because one of them was sniffling very audibly - and sure enough, he’s got a URI. The vet gave me antibiotics for him, but gave his brother a clean bill of health and told me to separate them for two weeks until the course of medicine is through...
  6. Mage of Mist

    Cuteness overloads and a lot of fluff, beware!

    I hot two rescue piggles, Percy and Pedro, and have proceeded to spoil them with tons of love and cuddles. 😄 Here's their introduction post, also crammed with adorable photos. Here's the boys bring introduced to their elderly neighbor, Scrappy my Japanese Quail who turned 4 on the 11th of...
  7. Mage of Mist

    Just Got Two Rescue Piggies! (Image heavy)

    Meet Percy and Pedro the bonded boar guinea pigs I got 2 days ago. ^^ They are both rescue piggies from two different homes, but have been bonded and are now living here, with plenty of veggies and love. Also I am aware the cage is rather small as this is the best I can do until we get the flat...
  8. M

    Two males won’t pick an alpha

    I have just introduced a young male to an older (not by much) male who is considerably bigger. I purposely picked a submissive male baby so that the natural order would be: introduce them, older one takes dominance role as the alpha boar, then they chill and can be in the same cage. It’s been...
  9. X

    Boars fighting, blood drawn

    Hi, I’m not sure if this is the right thread to post this in so my apologies if it’s not. Anyway, we got one male guinea pig from a pet store 5 months ago (he seemed pretty young) then 2 weeks later we went to get a bonding service done and we found another male match (according to the rescue...
  10. Kirbs


    here is howard this is louie and mr muffin
  11. Pumpkin&Courage

    Successful bonding

    Hi everyone I thought I would post a positive update on here following the quite sad posts I had last year. I lost my boy Courage to bladder stones last year, with the stones returning after an initial successful surgery. I was devastated and his brother Pumpkin was all alone. Knowing pigs...
  12. Marshie

    Guinea pig masturbating :(

    One of my pigs masturbates outside of his cage close to me and there’s like a 50% chance he’ll do it when I take him out. It makes me uncomfortable so I pick him up or wiggle him a little to spook him and make him stop. Is it ok to do this? I do not harm him physically. Just wished he’d hold...
  13. CourtneyBailey

    Bonding boys teeth chatter

    I got my first piggie Milo about 2 months ago and my other piggie Marvin about 1 month ago. They are both only a few months old still. They started bonding very well and seemed to love each other companies up until 2 days ago. My roommate has another boy piggie and we wanted to see if him and...
  14. Vicvac28

    Bonding boars after a loss

    Hi everyone! I recently lost one of my boys and opted to take Rex to a local rescue to see if he got on with any of the boars there to adopt. He is 2.5 and we found 2 year old Alfie at the rescue. On meeting, they were both very relaxed, butt sniffing and even grooming and then lay down. I...
  15. GuineaPlanets

    Should I permanently separate my Boars?

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and as well as being a farely new Guinea Pig mom. I'm still trying to understand the behaviors but as I understood, it's recommended to separate Guinea Pigs if they draw blood. Well, I'm really hoping it doesn't have to come to that, but if it's for the better of my...
  16. Meshen

    Air Purifiers for Odor Removal?

    Hi all, first post here after lurking for a while so first off thanks to everyone here for providing such a great resource to help guide me and my partner through our guinea pig care. On to the question - we have three boars on fleece in a large c&c and it can get pretty stinky - can anyone...
  17. E

    Bonding a 2yr old boar with two 9mo old brothers?

    Hi all! Quick backstory - I rescued my 2yr old boar last year. He has been a lone guinea pig all his life as far as I'm aware - he lived with rabbits and judging by a small scar behind his nibbled ear, I don't think it was the best environment for him. He's really came into his own since he was...
  18. W

    Advice on bonding 2 pairs of bonded boars?

    Hi all :nod: A couple days ago I aquired a pair of bonded boars off my friend who could no longer look after them. My hope is to bond them with my two males, Pip and Peri. All four of the boys seem to be quite placid and there is no obvious leader of any of the pairs. I have had them all out in...
  19. S

    Are my boys underweight.

    Hello I have two guinea boys who are between 10-11 weeks, they were purchased from a farm. They have both increased 60g in the last 6 days now weighing 441g & 480-ishg but I’m not sure if I should be worried that they are underweight or on the flip side gaining too quickly. Is this any cause...
  20. wheek!guinea

    Guinea horse

    After a good cage clean I've got a guinea horse. He's jumping over and climbing on his brother who's under the fleece pocket in the middle. During zoomies he will jump on him, or over him if he's anywhere in the cage LOL.