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  1. Julie M

    Mango And Frankie

    Well today I’ve decided to try and bond Mango and Frankie as I’ve got a few days off together to keep an eye on them. We’ve had all the usual behaviour, sniffing, chasing, rumbling, a few lunges, chattering. A few times they’ve napped and lay down next to each other but woken up and the scenario...
  2. C

    Seperate Cages But Same Floor Time?

    I have four guinea pigs, and they are in pairs in different cages. I started off with the two and adopted one more which didn't get along with the two original ones so I bought a fourth one to keep the adopted one company. I'm wondering if although they are in different cages, could I attempt to...
  3. Braelyn

    Should I Separate My Boars?

    I'm new to owning piggies, I just got my first one on 11-26-17 from a pet page on Facebook and did all the research I could and knew he needed a friend. So on 11-29-17 I adopted another male from the shelter. I have no idea how old either of them are, but the first one was owned by the previous...
  4. Little Pigs

    Should I Adopt A Male Or Female For My Boar?

    I have two boars however, since adolescence they have fought and nip each other constantly - they had plenty of room in their cage! The problem started as one of my boars was already very 'snuggly' and would press himself against his cage mate and sleep on top of him! However his friend did not...
  5. Jesse's pigs


    I never realised how fun floortime could be! The first time I tried it with Mo, I was rather nervous - and he stuck by my side so I think he was too :lol!: but eventually he learnt that my bedroom floor was a safe space and went mental! Now I get them out together as much as possible. I...
  6. csmith9nr

    Boar Trio Working?

    if you read my last post you'll know why I'm doing this. So it was either put my two guinea pigs with the new one or get a New Guinea pig to go with the new one. As originally I really wanted 3 guinea pigs together I ended up trying it just to see how it would go. Pringle and mojo and the new...
  7. csmith9nr

    New Guinea Pig?

    i have two boars about 1 years old and am thinking on getting another one round 8-10 weeks. I've heard trios aren't a good pair though... what's the best way of dealing with this and can it work? If not what else can I do?
  8. BenjiAndButtons

    In Terms Of What Barney Needs, Does He Need A Friend?

    We think we may need to get a friend for Barney but we dont know? Here's the sitch! Barney was bought as a friend for Benji after Buttons died. We love barney we really do, but we only really got him because we know piggies shouldn't live alone, but Benji doesn't like Barney, he's already...
  9. BenjiAndButtons

    Cage Levels

    Hi all! Please see the photos below if my explanation is too confusing. We bought a double cage (2 levels) with the intention of finding a new friend for benji (Black and white Guniea) after he lost his previous friend to Bloat, We bought Barney (White and ginger guinea) but he had case of...
  10. C

    Found Scabs And Scratches From Fights :(

    So we have had our three gorgeous piggies for 5ish months now and they are 9 months old. Never had an issue with them until recently where they have started fighting with each other. Our poor Diamond is the victim in all of this, with George doing the biting and scratching and Graham keeps...
  11. Jesse's pigs

    Rant From Mo

    "I know all of you think my little brother Steve is cute and can probably do no wrong but I'm here to prove otherwise! Steve is soooooo naughty! Pigmum gave us a paper bag today to play with and within a few minutes Steve had tolieted in it! I don't know why he does it. I've tried to show him...
  12. Yorisou

    Some Advice About My Two Piggies!

    Hello all, my first post here. So I have Lymo, the older piggy, and Hershy the new younger piggy. We decided to get our little fluff ball lymo a new friend to keep him company. We have had hershy for a week now and the first initial meeting went really well, with just the usual dominance...
  13. A

    My Two Boys Are Not Getting Along

    Okay, so roughly two-three weeks ago my two boys (Fred and George) were separated from each other due to Fred getting an eye injury from a fight with George. The new cage I had gotten for Fred is the exact same as the one they shared, so they each have 8 sq ft each to roam around in as opposed...
  14. K

    New Guinea Pigs Settling In

    i have 2 males, I got them last week and one is setting in well (and seems to be the boss!) and making lots of noise and exploring and eating well.. the other one is very quiet, barely makes any noise and just hides in his hutch and doesn't appear to be eating as well as the other one. They are...
  15. BenjiAndButtons

    Interested In Your Stories!

    Any other usual behaving guineas out there or do we have the only one? Tale 1: Benji.. black and wait short haired. Pretty sure Benji thinks he's a human, he hated his previous housemate with a passion, and now his new friend hasn't faired any better, he rumbles at the sight of him, becomes so...
  16. MKC

    Possible Bullying From New Boar On Bonded Boar Pair

    HI All! I have a question about a probable bullying situation and if its gone far enough. I have read lots of articles on here but am just looking for some added advice. We have two male boars that we got from a rescue about two weeks ago, they were estimated to be a couple months old. They get...
  17. Jesse's pigs


    Didn't really know what to title the thread seeing as it's just me sharing some of my favourite pictures of the boys. But most of the pictures are from their instagram account so yeah that's why it's titled 'mo_steve_delightful.duo' for those wondering :lol!: Anyway seeing as we all love a good...
  18. RJade

    Bonding Take 2

    ANOTHER BONDING QUESTION My final guineapig out of the separated pair got his friend today. Put them in together, just cracked on as if they've always been together. Lots of popcorning, eating together and only a bit of rumbling and smelling. Is that alright? 0 experience of a bonding session...
  19. Jesse's pigs

    Mo & Steve Update 2

    Thought I'd give another update on my two boys- and once again thank you all for my help. It's apparent now that Steve is going through his hormone stage but no fall out has happened. Occasionally Steve mounts Mo but he doesn't seem too bothered. They've started popcorning together and almost...
  20. Jesse's pigs

    Birthday Gift Help.

    It's my grandad's birthday soon and I'd love to get him something piggy related. He looks after Mo when I'm on holiday (now Mo and Steve haha he's yet to meet him) and he loves them. Affectionately referring to Mo as 'Oink Oink' or 'hamster'. (A large hamster *cough* sorry Mo) in fact on phone...