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How much is too much white stuff on fleece?


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Apr 1, 2020
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I have two boys, and lately the white stuff has been increasing. Bigger areas in places where they pee more frequently. Where they sleep and relax there’s usually one or two small spots. At first it was a small amount, which I know if it’s calcium that’s normal. Lately it just seems to be increasing. Today I checked both their boar sacks, and it was covered in white, smelly, goo. They both drink a good amount of water, filtered. Daily they get one lettuce leaf, sometimes I add carrots, parsley, or cilantro. 1.5 tablespoons of pellets each pig, daily, and tons of oxbow hay. I also was giving them child life vitamin c liquid, but have stopped as of today. And lastly, they’ve both been gaining/maintaining weight, and behavior hasn’t changed at all. I know I’m probably going to do a vet visit, but I hate the anxiety that comes with owning guinea pigs. I just need some reassurance, and advice. I always just assume the worst, and immediately think they’re extremely sick.


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Aug 2, 2018
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It is normal for excess calcium to be excreted but if they are now excreting more than the balance in the diet may well be off.

1.5 tablespoon of pellets each is a little too much. Just one tablespoon each is enough (I tend to only give half a tablespoon each). Parsley is high in calcium so don’t feed that more than once per week.
They don’t need the supplemental vitamin c so stopping giving that is fine, but they do need a vit c rich vegetable every day - cilantro is fine to give everyday and so is a slice of bell pepper (both have good levels of vit c). lettuce doesn’t have much nutrition so they need more than just that daily.

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