1. x3littlepiggies

    Calcium requirement for junior pigs?

    Hi. I have 3 girls who are 10 weeks old. I've been giving them 1 handful of alfalfa hay every other day in with their Timothy & meadow hay. Ive been feeding them veggies as you would an adult pig (not too many high calcium foods). Somebody told me not to worry about calcium content until they're...
  2. Kevin_Haae

    Opinions On This Diet?

    So i researched a lot about foods that guinea pigs can eat and should only have selectively, as well as the amount of calcium etc to look at. I was wondering what you guys thought of this diet i've been giving my piggies, as they seem to love it. It's for 2 pigs. so each day i've been giving...
  3. S


    I have some spelt seed that I originally bought to use as ground cover. I believe it's an older type of wheat. Would it be okay to feed some to my three guinea pigs? I would of course cut it before it went to seed.
  4. ToastandBeans

    What Food Do Your Piggies Enjoy?

    Beans loves carrots! Not sure on Pudding yet! Toast used to love lettuce. She could have lived on it. What food do your piggies enjoy? (Wondering about new foods they can have. If I can’t give much of it to them please say :) )
  5. Barnyard Boars

    Pellet Food Choices

    For the longest time I've fed both my hamsters and guineas tiny friends farm food, but it's colourful and I know that's not always best choice but they love it! However I feel like I shouldn't now and should stick to oxbow pellets that just look like regular pellets, OR should I mix them? I'm so...
  6. Thiefelli

    Questions About Pellet Food!

    Hi everyone! I've had my pigs for about 6 months now and work in a pet shop so I'm always looking for good guinea pig pellet food. I know that anything with little colored chunks or flaked peas is bad for them so I avoid these mixes. I've tried all sorts, from Oxbow Organics (which they find...
  7. Lilythepig2017

    Young Wheat Grass Sugary?

    Hello So I have been interested in giving our girl fresh wheat grass so last week I bought her a tray of it from our local organic store (already grown) and she absolutely loves it. I was hoping to give her this mostly throughout the day as I heard fresh grass is better for them than hay...
  8. Tortia

    New Pigs Won’t Eat Veggies And Have White Pee.

    I just got my two adult female piggies yesterday. This morning I find white residue where they’ve peed. In their previous home, there were fed pellets with those multi-colored flakes of stuff (which I’ve read to be poor quality) and no one could tell me what veggies or hay they’ve had. I...
  9. E

    Petsitting Guinea Pig - Diet?

    My friend has left her sweet little guinea pig in my care for the next month while she travels home over winter break. She left me with Timothy hay and a huge thing of bedding. Friend said to give her as much hay as she wants every day, and a carrot sometimes as a treat? I've never had a guinea...
  10. DexGizandCo

    Causes For Bloat?

    Recently my guinea pig has gotten a little bloated. Went to the vet and we can't seem to figure it out. She's not sick with bloat because she's acting and eating just fine. The only change recently was a switch to orchard grass because of my other piggy. So I switched her back to Timothy hay to...
  11. Dana95

    Smelly Poops

    I have two guinea pigs and even though they eat the same food, one of them has a really bad smeling poops. It smells like vinegar or something acidic...(cat poo smells like roses compared to that). They are on fleece and everything is going great, but the smell from the poops is filling up the...
  12. K

    Baby Guinea Pig Diet And Grass..

    I'm getting 2 baby boys next week. I've been reading up on their diet and I'm getting confused and unsure of what to listen to and what not.. the breeder has told me which food to buy for them which is fine but it's the extras they need to be fed for vitamin C.. there is so much information I...
  13. T

    Caring For A Guinea Pig With Stunted Growth

    Hi there:) I posted a few months back wondering if my new adopted piggie had some sort of URI or pneumonia but after going to the vets, he reckoned the coughing she does is related to having an extremely aggressive respiratory infection for 2 months when she was a few months old (this was with...
  14. Bella123

    Possible Bladder Sludge Advice Needed?

    I woke up this morning and whilst I was cleaning the piggys cage, I saw this white substance on the fleece. I'm assuming it's bladder sludge, and I'm very concerned. I'm not sure who it is at this stage so I have separated Fifi and Flash for a short time until I can find out. I have a vet...
  15. Medina

    Veggie Troubles! Need Help To Replace Some Things...

    Hello! I'm still new here so please be patient and pardon any ignorance hahaha So I adopted this super cute piggie from a rough situation. His whole life, he's eaten only one handful of timothy hay and half a carrot daily - that's it! I'm not sure how old he is, so I don't know how long he's...
  16. NatalieGee

    Advice For The Best Life

    Hi, everyone! I recently adopted my first guinea pigs, a pair of 4 or 5-month-old boars. I want to share a description of their setup and the care routine I've been doing to make sure that if I'm making any mistakes or if you have any suggestions on how to make their lives even better, I can...
  17. Chancey

    Too Much Calcium?

    Hi there! I currently have seven piggies, sow pair, sow trio and boar pair! I've noticed that they all seem to leave the powdery white marks on the fleece - it doesn't seem gritty and is dried in but as all of my piggies are showing this, I worry it may be their diet. I know that their urine is...
  18. ChloeCee98

    Changed From Museli Over To Nuggets!

    :yahoo:I have seen such a change in my piggy Noodle over the last few days! I've been mixing her museli with nuggets (pets@home I know they're not the best) to try get her on the same as my other pig MoMo so when they go in the same cage there won't be any hassle! She's been so much better...
  19. CraigGlasgow

    Safest Veggies For A Gassy Pig?

    So Weasley saw the exotics specialist on Wednesday and she wants to start reducing his meds. He's come off his antibiotics and since then his poop has become on large a much nicer shape and no longer wet and is happening more regularly. It is however now very dry and slightly greenish, which the...
  20. Piggy mum

    Changing Nuggets?

    Hi all I am thinking of changing my 3 pigs over to burgess excel as they're on pets at home nuggets at the moment and I'm worried they're bad quality! Does anyone know if burgess is better then pets at home or have any tips on introducing new nuggets? Thanks!