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  1. E

    Grooming long haired guinea pigs

    Hello, I recently got my two long haired boys. They’ve been with me for 5 days. I’ve kept guinea pigs in the past and feel quite confident in most areas of their care but I’ve never had long haired piggies before. I’ve read up on their grooming and know the importance of brushing their hair to...
  2. G

    Managing Bloat

    Hi All Last week I rushed one of my guinea pigs to an emergency vet appointment because it sounded like he was having some breathing difficulty (breaths were deep and quite laboured). The vet had a listen to his heart and chest but thought they sounded fine, she also had a feel of him and said...
  3. K

    A week into guinea pigs and I think I am running into some problems

    Basically I've had guinea pigs for a week, maybe less and I am concerned about some things which is 1. Is this food alright for guinea pigs along with some hay? 2. I sometimes find their poop in small clusters and just recently as today, like a relatively long thin line of poop. How can I fix...
  4. A

    High calorie diets

    I have a guinea pig that is eating but losing weight, constipated frequently. Vet visit and hundreds of dollars later we have ruled out thyroid and dental issues. Vet feels a tumor is likely, but that if that is the case there isn't much we can do except keep him comfortable as long as we can...
  5. H

    Wheat grass calcium

    Hello, I noticed on the internet that wheat grass can be fed to guinea pigs instead of grass during the winter. But how about the calcium in this food, I tried to look but I didn't find how it is. I ask because I have a guinea pig that has bladder sludge problems, and she loves wheat grass
  6. corvidae

    Slow weight loss

    Hello, I have a 5.5-year-old female guinea pig named Lola who has been slowly losing weight over the past year. Last December she weighed 1136 g, and has been slowly dropping about 20 g a month on average. She weighed in at 936 g this week, so I'm starting to get a bit alarmed. Is this type of...
  7. W

    Readi Grass

    Hello all , First post here ! I know you can get Readigrass specially for Guinea pigs . We buy readigrass for our ponies and I was wondering if it was just the same thing and if my piggies could have it and how much and when to give them ? This is a link to which one we get for the ponies...
  8. G

    Piggie treats!

    Hiya! What are you favorite brands/type of treats for your piggies? My girls (Mabel & Flo) love their pea flakes but have to limit them due to the calcium! I’m looking for some new treats to test out to give them more variety. Thank you!
  9. V

    New Guinea Pig Advice

    Hi there, I bought 2 guinea pigs a week and a half ago! They’re 8&9 weeks old. I left them in their hutch to adjust for 4-5 days, they started hand feeding on the 4th day (just through the hutch wire) and for the last couple of days I open the doors and they take food straight from my hand and...
  10. Kenziee

    Can I give my guinea pig juiced veggies?

    This morning my guinea pig stopped eating for the most part. He seemed to be eating okay yesterday but now he turns his nose up to everything. He only ate a tiny piece of lettuce and two small treats and now he refuses everything. I know he’s sick but I can’t make a vet appointment until...
  11. H

    Diet after bloat

    Hallo, how long diet my piggy need after bloat (no antibiotics)? which first food i may start feed her ? and how much of this food?
  12. Dabudesu

    Greens or no greens....

    Hello All, We are new guinea pig owners and need some advice please... We have 2 male guinea pigs, Benny and John. Benny is the uncle, John the nephew. On Tuesday the 30th march, John (7 months old) did 2 very pink wees. We kept a close eye on him and noticed he squeaked when weeing, so...
  13. F

    pigs had no hay, what to do now?

    i know guinea pigs aren’t supposed to go for more than a few hours without hay so i don’t need a lecture, the damage has already been done so i just need help with what to do next. there was no way i could get hay for my pigs and they probably went around 26 hours without, they had their pellets...
  14. Jesse's pigs

    Mr Johnson’s Advance food

    Hi, Just wondering whether any forum users have used this food and can tell me whether it’s any good. I have my boys on the science select grain free in an attempt to help with their urinary issues. Now I plan on keeping them on this as so far it’s been pretty good. However, with Steve’s...
  15. Totts

    Palative Care

    This time last year I had 3 piggies. The youngest (sow) died suddenly in the summer, and my boar passed away on boxing day after fighting what appeared to be a combination of polycystic kidney disease and arthritis in his spine for over a year. I have the eldest girl left (Bailey) she is a...
  16. Sullivancourt

    How much is too much white stuff on fleece?

    I have two boys, and lately the white stuff has been increasing. Bigger areas in places where they pee more frequently. Where they sleep and relax there’s usually one or two small spots. At first it was a small amount, which I know if it’s calcium that’s normal. Lately it just seems to be...
  17. acefebreze

    Separating bonded adult & babies for feeding?

    Hey all, I have 3 bonded guinea pigs (1 adult and 2 babies) currently in a 3x4 C&C, so space isn't an issue for them. In order to feed the babies alfalfa pellets and make sure the adult doesn't eat them, I'm planning to split the space into two 2x3's to separate the adult and the babies. To...
  18. Hnrpiggies

    Guinea pig won’t eat any greens!

    trying to feed one of my guineas his daily veg is really difficult! He WILL NOT eat greens. I don’t know what I can give him daily to meet his dietary requirements. I’ve tried him with cucumber, green beans, romaine lettuce, cabbage, kale, asparagus and spring greens. He just has a problem with...
  19. Hnrpiggies

    Is this the right amount of veggies per pig? Also, do pregnant guineas need extra?

    sooo I made a post in another category because it was about housing and someone pointed out that I was feeding them the wrong amount of veggies (there was loads of kale and spinach- too much calcium) so I read the link and changed up their daily veggies a bit. Is this right? I have each pig: 2...
  20. ashleemelda

    Suddenly Stopped Eating Pellet Food

    I feed my guinea pigs Oxbow Essentials (Adult) for their pellet food, and suddenly within the past 4-5 days, they have stopped eating it - they will either eat a few or sniff their bowls once and walk away altogether. As I am normally in my room getting ready for the day while they eat (which...