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  1. J

    Some sort of discharge, help

    I’m a New Guinea pig owner and I’ve had my boys for about 3 weeks. They are said to be 4 months and one relentlessly humps the others face. I understand this is to figure out the hierarchy, but today I put them in their new C&C cage and the “boss” pig started humping gus. When I lifted the hide...
  2. 5


    Hi all, I have been thinking about getting some Piggies for a while now. I have done months worth of research on them and their care, but the one thing that is holding me back from getting some piggies is the fear of them coming out in ringworm. I have asked so many different people about it...
  3. Winni&Storm

    My Guinea Pig Won't Keep Down Food.

    Hai, I have a guinea pig named Storm, and I guess she's always been a picky eater. I remember when I first got her (Will be a year on Dec. 10th) and I wasn't educated enough. We bought her the food with the colored shapes, and she'd only eat those, not the brown pellets. So, I changed up her...
  4. V

    My Guinea Pig Fell! Should I Worry?

    I have a guinea pig that is around 6 months old, named Scruffles. I was holding him and I was standing (I am five feet tall), and I was about to keep him on the floor for floor time, but I had hardly bent down and he sort of jumped, and fell. He is not showing any unusual behavior, but I was...
  5. S

    Guinea Pig Weight

    Would you say this is a healthy weight gain or should I put them on a "diet"? Wed, 22nd Feb Boar - Gizmo - 5 Months - 903g Female - Pip - 5 Months - 710g Female - Miffy - 2 Months - 371g Wed, 1st March Gizmo - 5 Months - 950g Pip - 5 months - 755g Miffy - 2 months - 391g And does anyone...
  6. Stayc1989

    Tooth Not Growing Back

    I noticed a few weeks ago that my Florence had lost a tooth and it's showing no signs of growing back, it looks like it's fallen out rather than snapped off, one of my fudges teeth snapped off and grew back really quickly but hers isn't even cutting through yet, is this normal and I'm also...