1. MarissaLynne

    Underweight Guinea Pig

    Recently, I got my first scale for my four year old guinea pigs (yay) but as I weighed my them I realized that one of them seems to be at a low weight. My guinea pig Thor weighed in at around 910g but my other guinea pig Loki weighed 830g :(. Do you guys think that I should take them to the vet...
  2. ana-stassia

    Third nipple?

    Hello! Was inspecting Sponge’s tummy today and saw this third patch above his nipple. It isn’t irritated or sore, he didn’t seem to react when I was prodding at it. Not sure if this is something to worry about, someone’s insight would be appreciated!
  3. mytwomaleguineas

    Cookie’s weekly weighing

    Hi! :) I’m back again. I think I’m just a really anxious pig mom :doh:but cookie’s weight chart is currently decreasing. He is at 1461 grams and his age is about 1.5 years old. Is this normal? Thank you!
  4. basicpiggies

    Guinea Pig Ate Poop Off Ground?

    Hi all! I was watching my guinea pigs and I noticed one of them wake up from her nap and eat two poops directly off the ground. I know they eat their poop but she ate two that I believed to be normal poops. They weren’t old as I had just swept the cage two hours prior but I’ve never seen them...
  5. MissNutmeggers

    Oxbow Digestive Tablets

    My guinea pig has had mushy poops recently, and it hasn't gone away within a week. Any idea what I should do? I've heard that Oxbow Digestive Tablets might help. It isn't Diarrhea, she hasn't been loosing weight, if anything she's been gaining X3 She's currently 4 months old. Is this normal...
  6. Hellopiggies63


    I have two guinea pigs. One is around 10 months (cookie). The other is around 5-6 months. The problem is the 5-6 months (walnut) is obsessively dominant right now. He runs after cookie, teeth chatters, lunges, and forces cookie out of their cage. Their space is good. They have one Midwest cage...
  7. Sullivancourt

    How much is too much white stuff on fleece?

    I have two boys, and lately the white stuff has been increasing. Bigger areas in places where they pee more frequently. Where they sleep and relax there’s usually one or two small spots. At first it was a small amount, which I know if it’s calcium that’s normal. Lately it just seems to be...
  8. T

    is it safe to clean cage with dawn dish soap?

    I cleaned the bottom of my cage with some dawn dish soap and i was wondering if it was safe. Will the dawn react with kaytee bedding because I know that has absorbent stuff in the bedding. Most of it got off but the people helping me clean it didn't do it as thoroughly as I wanted, so a small...
  9. T

    Metal Balls Fell Out Of Bottle While Cleaning

    The little metal balls and spring fell out of the metal tube part of the bottle while I was cleaning the bottle. I simply put them back in, balls first, then spring. The bottle seems to work just fine and water comes out, but I wanted to double check just in case that what I did was okay and I...
  10. LemonOfme

    guinea pig yellow buttons around the nipples

    Hi guys! today i did my weekly check on my guinea pigs,and i found out that one of the 2 has yellow small buttons around his nipple , its not touching the plump, i am really scared about my guinea pig health, if some one has any idea of whats happeninf can you please tell me , thx
  11. Lucyscavies

    Eye ulcer?

    Hi sorry if this is long but I’m concerned about Scooby’s eye. It started September/October time last year. It started out with just a tiny lump that you could only notice if you pulled his eye back so I took him to the vets and got given some eye drops (sorry I can’t remember the name). They...
  12. Lucyscavies


    Hello everyone, I’m just wondering how much should you take your piggies out of their cage or give them lap time? How important is this and how much do you let your piggies have floor and lap time? Is once a week enough or should it be more? Thanks x
  13. Sullivancourt

    Baby guinea pig dried, misshaped poops

    My 10 week old boy has had one heck of a ride. I’ll spare as much drama as I can. So my baby was being treated for a respiratory infection. Baytril was the first medicine and it messed up his stomach. So he got switched to Septra. At one point he was on 3 medications and oxbow critical care...
  14. Lizzieejoyce

    Low calcium diet

    Hello everyone! Newbie here who could really do with some advice. 4 days ago I rescued two female guinea pigs (sisters approx 4 years old) and noticed their urine has a strong white colour, which has stained our patio, and a couple of their poos have white elements. Research says excess calcium...
  15. Lucyscavies

    Human colds and guinea pigs

    Hi all, my daughter has recently had a cold and everytime she fed or went near the piggies she wore gloves and a mask. The cold has cleared up now but she has a cough and blocked up nose, she feels fine in herself though so I was wondering if she will be ok handling the piggies now? Is it still...
  16. Chandlerguineapig

    Guinea pig constipation?

    Hiya this is my first time on the forums and I really need some help, my Guinea pig seems to be able to poop but has a large brown lump of what looks like sawdust and feces mixed together but I’m not sure (stuck in his bum) and I’m not sure what to do about it. I’ve react about ‘impacting’ in...
  17. P

    Please Help- White Spots on Ear

    So I was checking my guinea pigs ear today and I noticed 4 white lumps on the ear. I'm not sure exactly what it is and am wondering whether need to take to the vet or if there is something I can do at home. I have 2 guinea pigs, and there is nothing in either of the other guinea pigs ears. I am...
  18. Lucyscavies

    Guinea pig not growing!

    I’ve been wondering about this ever since I got my boars but didn’t know whether to ask about it or not in case it’s a stupid question 😂Anyway I’ve had my boys for a year now and I’ve had no health issues so far 🤞 but I can’t help but wonder why Scrappy is much smaller than his brother Scooby...
  19. J

    Some sort of discharge, help

    I’m a New Guinea pig owner and I’ve had my boys for about 3 weeks. They are said to be 4 months and one relentlessly humps the others face. I understand this is to figure out the hierarchy, but today I put them in their new C&C cage and the “boss” pig started humping gus. When I lifted the hide...
  20. 5


    Hi all, I have been thinking about getting some Piggies for a while now. I have done months worth of research on them and their care, but the one thing that is holding me back from getting some piggies is the fear of them coming out in ringworm. I have asked so many different people about it...