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Introducing male guineapig to new baby boars

I'm looking for advice,
I had two bonded male pigs for 3 years but one passed this week,
My other one was very depressed about losing his brother so we rescued 2 bonded 14 week old male pigs, weve started to introduce them very slowly and carefully with very close supervison for short periods of time but their cages are next to eachother so they can get used to each other.
as my original piggy was more dominant in his pairing i was a little worried at first but its going okay so far.
Any advice to help the proccess and make it as smooth as possible will be appreciated.


Here is our very detailed illustrated step-by-step bonding guide which takes you through all stages of the complex bonding process (including the post-bonding dominance phased) with a boar and a baby bonding chapter for special aspects: Bonding and Interaction: Illustrated social behaviours and bonding dynamics

Please be aware that the more subadults in a boar trio or quartet, the higher is the fall-out rate when the boars hit teenage. It very much depends on the exactly right balance and mix between personalities. You tend to end up with three single boars about as often as with an intact trio in our long term experience on here but mostly with an outsider problem of some sort (fighting or bullying) with either a one against two, two against one or one boar stuck in between two fighting ones scenario. Please have a fall-back solution ready if you want to proceed with the bonding.
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I wouldn’t risk it. You could potentially end up with three single boars. How old is the singleton? Could you keep them side by side?