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introducing a new pig

  1. B


    Hello everyone! I’m new to Guinea pigs but I’ve done EXTENSIVE research on them. I have a 7 month old & a 4 month old, both males. I had the oldest first and got him a friend. My problem is the bonding. So I put them in a neutral area with lots of hay. Lots of snacks. There has been ZERO...
  2. F

    Guinea pig intro not going well...?

    Recently we got a new piggie (a few months old) as a friend for our older one (about 1.5 years old). They are both males. We quaranteed him for ~2 weeks, then tried to introduce him today. We don't have a separate pen to introduce him so we tried to use the older one's cage and make it as...
  3. BaldwinandNormie

    Boars finally in same enclosure!

    Hi! I'm hoping to get some insight into how things are actually going with two adolescent boar skinny pigs! We started with a 6 month old boar named Baldwin who, after some time in his new home, really flourished. But it became very clear that he needed a friend to love with! After searching for...
  4. minnie_ozzy

    Which sex to choose to add to my pair?

    Hi there, I own 2 piggies - Minnie and Ozzy, a female and neutered male siblings (4yrs). Their mum died a few months ago sadly, and since then I've thought about getting them a friend to bring them back to a group again. Unfortunately, a recent health scare with Ozzy has given me a push to...
  5. JIn1234567

    4 male Pigs trouble together, licking ass

    Hi everyone, recently I got 2 new guinea pigs. They are 1 month old boys. I put them together with other 7 month old boys. I got two problems recently. First problem is that one of the big one is licking the small one ass, and likely eating his poops. But I think he licks toooooo much, like...
  6. B

    Introducing male guineapig to new baby boars

  7. P

    Introducing baby guinea pig?

    Hi so I'm not really sure if this post goes here, but i need help. I recently got an 8 week old pig as i wanted to add a fourth pig to my herd. My existing herd has 3 males who are pretty friendly. However- two of my males are fairly large pigs and I'm afraid that they might crush the little one...
  8. kyra01

    2 guinea pigs

    My boyfriend and I bought a guinea pig a couple weeks ago. We decided to get him a new friend today. Tupac is the one we had for a couple of weeks and is 1 and Biggie, the one we got today, is a little younger. They were introduced and Tupac immediately starting mounting him. We eventually put...
  9. K

    Advice needed on introducing guinea pigs

    Hey everyone! I am new to owning guinea pigs but I am already in love! I have a baby who is about 3 months old and she came with an eye infection so I wanted to get her a friend after I had finished the medicine process. I finally finished a couple days ago and she seems to be doing well. I...
  10. S

    Is my guinea pig playing or bullying?

    Hi, I have 3 guinea pigs. 1 is 2 years old, the other is 24 weeks and the new one I got is 12 weeks. The 2 year old and 24 week old ones have shared a 3 x 5 cage for months and are fine. I introduced the 12 week one by building a small c&c cage inside the 3 x 5 for a week and they all popcorned...
  11. W

    Introduxing new pig after brother has died

    Hello, yesterday our little buddy Garfunkel sadly passed away after losing the use of his hind legs. We took him to the vets who reccomend pain killers and not much more. Garf and his brother Simon had been split up as they would fight for dominance and end up making eachother bleed. Were not...
  12. NeidenX

    Introducing Guinea Pig!

    Hi! I'm new here, i adopted 2 guinea pigs, they're brothers and they're always been together, they get along pretty well and they have fun together, but like a week ago i adopted their father and the introduction was going pretty well they were even sharing the cage and everything without...
  13. A

    Introducing two bonded younger males to my older boar?

    Hi! i really REALLY need some help! just recently, one of my two 4 year old male pigs passed away. out of the two, he was unfortunately always the one struggling with health problems and i think we all knew his time was coming soon. we’ve decided to cremate him and we miss him very much. the...
  14. J

    New Guinea pig

    I have two pigs named Theo and Gus. Theo is very dominant and always chases Gus to mount him. I went to Petsmart yesterday to get supplies and saw what looked like the saddest adult Guinea pig living alone in this small enclosure. I want to get him. Both to help him and hopefully to give more...
  15. celestialteapot

    Introductions...not going well :/

    Spud, is a 9/10month female. Two weeks ago I lost her sister Sprout after a short illness. Initially I was planning to re-home a similar age female but none of the rescues near me had any females. I didn't want to leave Spud on her own for much longer so I decided to adopt an 11week old female...
  16. Adamandralph

    Introducing a third male guinea pig?

    Hello, long time lurker, first time poster here. I took on a guinea pig last year when house sitting for someone who kept him in bad conditions (due to lack of knowledge, not on purpose), his partner had recently died, so I adopted a second male guinea pig and introduced them eventually and...
  17. proudpigmom

    Is this normal?

    From what I read, I think it is because they are both young (6 months and 4 months) males but I want to double check my specific situation. I got one pig from a family who was going to send him to a rescue when he was about 3 months and he was fairly aggressive and not friendly. After 3 months...
  18. R

    What’s normal behaviour for two males

    Wondering if anyone could help me, I have a older guniea pig of 2 years and a new guinea pig I recently got as a friend for my other pig, I have given them two weeks apart before they met face to face and about 2 days ago I put them together. So far it’s been pretty okay but they are starting...
  19. Elke

    Introducing New (male) Guinea Pig - Advice Needed

    So, here's the situation: We have two guinea pigs (males), they've always been together (they're two years old). They behave normally, although we noticed that the alpha is mounting the other pig pretty often - but it was never anything dangerous for piggies. We have decided to adopt a new...
  20. Pampeliska

    Medi Has A New Friend But Doesn´t Care About Her So Far

    As many of you know, almost two weeks ago I lost my beautiful girl Pampeliska (thank you for all the messages, they really helped during the worst moments). I thought a lot about whether to get new piggy and I felt like my second girl Medi needs it. She is 4 years old and have spent all her life...