What’s normal behaviour for two males


New Born Pup
May 5, 2018
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Wondering if anyone could help me, I have a older guniea pig of 2 years and a new guinea pig I recently got as a friend for my other pig, I have given them two weeks apart before they met face to face and about 2 days ago I put them together. So far it’s been pretty okay but they are starting to chatter teeth, show teeth to each other, chase each other around and mount, Like I said it’s only been two days so i might be jumping the gun a little bit i just wanna know if this is normal at first (they haven’t gone for each other or anything) I’m hoping it’s just a phase and they get past it. Any advice would help me so much as i have never tried introducing two males before
Thanks Again

P.S They are in a two floor cage and are arguing over the bottom floor my older pig knows how to use the ramp to go upstairs but is refusing to go up so I kinda feel this could be solved if he went upstairs hahaha