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males fight dominant dominance

  1. R

    What’s normal behaviour for two males

    Wondering if anyone could help me, I have a older guniea pig of 2 years and a new guinea pig I recently got as a friend for my other pig, I have given them two weeks apart before they met face to face and about 2 days ago I put them together. So far it’s been pretty okay but they are starting...
  2. Komiku

    I Need Help...

    Hello, I am a new at owning guinea pigs and i had gotten my first one last year. He was an unknown age adult male guinea pig and i love him to bits. Yesterday i bought a 6 week old in hopes that he would have a friend. Today i put them in a neutral area as a play date to see their temperament...
  3. E

    New Boys

    Hi, i have had my two guineapigs (males) for 3 days now and occasionally they will jump at each other and make loud noises, appears to be a fight however instead of biting they just run off afterwards, i have been researching dominance behavior however what they are doing doesn't fall into any...