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eye problems

  1. SDRB_TP

    Eye Issue (heterotopic Bone) And Euthanasia

    Hi and thank you for clicking on my thread, Well firstly I’d briefly like to say I used this forum obsessively when I first got my piggies 6 and a half years ago and was such a great help to me learning - and I am back with a plea for advice. I’m left with my final piggie now, who is 7 in a...
  2. Hops_in_Heaven

    All Better

    Hi everyone! I know that compared to the everyone else here, my eye troubles with Cuddles must seem like nothing, but for Cuddles and I, it was serious. This was especially the case last week when the (very) expensive eye drops I'd previously used were unavailable in my city. Unsure of what...
  3. W

    Guinea Pig Is Sneezing

    I have two guinea pigs. They have been treated for a URI a couple weeks ago since they were sneezing and one had a crusty eye. I went on holidays and after 15 days I saw them and they seemed to be doing great, their fur was amazingly soft and they had grown a bit more (they're 4 and 6 months...
  4. L

    Guniea Pig Eye Rupture?

    My pig, Harry, has something wrong with his eye. I've done so much research and I cant seem to ifnd out what is wrong. I dont have enough money to take him to the vet until Friday but i dont think he will last that long. His eye is pertruding out of his skull, its red, swollen, and watery. My...
  5. SweatItOutDuds

    Help Eye Problem

    hello all, So we have a new pal named Nugget. He is a American Short hair piggy! We have had him for about a week now and two days ago we noticed his right eye was sunk in with crust keeping it closed. I have been cleaning it with saline and gause pads. This morning it was not closed due to...
  6. HayHay

    Any Experience With Or Advice For Eye Infection/eye Ulcer!

    Hi I'm new to the forum but I've owned guinea pigs for a really long time but in this last week I ran into a problem with my pig Eloise where she developed an eye infection and I'm in need of advice! First off, Eloise is an extremely old guinea pig and is 7 years old and has never had any...
  7. S

    Eye Problems

    Hello, My Guinea pig had an ulcer on this eye a couple of months ago. The eye completely cleared with antibiotics. She now has a small lump in the corner of her eye and on the lower lip of her eye. She is eating and drinking etc normally so I don't think it's causing her any discomfort. Is it...
  8. taroyukiponyo

    Eye Hairloss

    Sooo about a month ago my little Taro was adopted and introduced to yuki who was adopted the day before. Both males establishing dominance was to be expected. They are about 2-3 months old from my predictions. Anyway about a week later my wife and I noticed little Taro had a mini scratch on...