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Louise mckee

Junior Guinea Pig
Mar 24, 2019
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Northern Ireland Co.Antrim
Hiya I'm new to the forum and how it works and stuff but I really need some reassurance about my piggie Henry. I noticed he had something wrong with his eye it looks like fatty eye? Pea eye? I don't think it's a hay poke or else he would be squinting an it would have gotten worse. I noticed this Saturday night and it's now Sunday night ringing the vets in the morning, and it hasn't got any worse.

I just want to know if anyone has experienced this before in their guinea pig, or seen something like this I'm so worried Henry is my little baby he just turned 1 this week.

Once I noticed it straight away I had a closer look with a light to see if I could see any hay and moved his eyelid up and nothing. It is all red and swollen looking. I just hope he will be okay and it will only need antibiotics, and anti inflammatory to take down the swelling.

I have attached a picture on what it looks like he is going to the vets tomorrow, but I thought I would come to this site too for some information or reassurance lol I'm so worried, anxiety doesn't make it any easier.

Last night when I noticed it (Saturday night so I could not ring the vet in the morning can only get them on Monday) I made up a mild lukewarm salt solution to clean it incase it is a hay poke and to help any infection that is there to stop it getting any worse.

Feedback would be much appreciated! (And to calm my anxious worries)
Thanks all


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Welcome to the Forum

Henry looks lovely, and you are clearly a very caring and observant owner.
You have done everything right, and as long as he sees a vet today I am sure it will be easily treatable.
Obviously it isn't possible to diagnose based on a photo, but it could be several things all of which should be fixed with the correct treatment.

When you phone for an appointment be sure to mention it is an eye problem, as these can get worse quickly so they should fit you in as a priority today (not make you wait for a few days).
While you wait it would be best not to try and move the eye around too much, as if there is anything caught underneath the lid this could cause further irritation.

Don't forget to update us and let us know how Henry gets on.
It would also be wonderful to see a picture of the whole piggy sometime too!
Unfortunately I cannot get him seen until tomorrow which has made me nervous incase it gets worse. So far it's been very mild, and it looks to have gone down a bit it's hard to tell really I don't want to keep annoying the wee guy he's probably like "why is my human looking intensely at my face seriously go away!"
I'm still dabbing it with salt water maybe that's helping, but on the good side he is still his happy bubbly Henroo self.
Here's some full body pictures of his majestic hair @Swissgreys
I've tried to take a picture of his bad eye side, needless to say he attacked his teddy bear and annoyed his sleeping cage mate after these were taken


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My Sierra has the same thing. Our vet Simon said it is the start of conjunctivitis. He prescribes her Isathal eye drops to settle it down (hopefully).
I agree it looks like inflamed/infected conjunctiva to me so you should notice a quick improvement once treatment starts