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  1. A


    So my sweet boy who gets easily over excited jumped into my other guinea pigs cage from my hands about 3ft and landed face first into his food bowl. I immediately grabbed him and laid down with him because it freaked me out he seemed to be scared at first and want to hide but now he’s acting...
  2. F3RN

    Scared of being picked up?

    Hi, I’ve got two guinea-pigs Eric and Ernie (Eric is the black piggy in my picture and Ernie the blonde one). Earlier today Ernie jumped out of my hands and miraculously fell into a hanging basket so he didn’t fall on the ground! I think he’s okay, I’m keeping an eye on him but there doesn’t...
  3. SazzaG96

    Emergency Vet!

    Hi Guys, So me and the Guinea pigs have had a very stressful day. Archie was diagnosed with a URI and is now on antibiotics but today Han in the evening starting falling over, eye twitching and tilting his head to the right continuously. I was very worried as Han usually is running about...
  4. Treaclelove

    Specialist Inner Ear Problem

    My piggie just suddenly one day started running round and round in tight circles his eyes were twitching a lot and he kept falling over we took him to a vet straight away who said it was an inner ear thing but she wasn't a qualified guinea pig vet and kept comparing his problem to ones which are...