1. Kirbs

    painting 😀

    the art and the inspiration
  2. GeorgiaHarris

    Double chin?

    I’ve noticed my skinny pigs have what looks like a double chin, I’ve had a feel and there’s no lumps and they don’t seem to be in any pain or discomfort because of it, so I’m wondering if it is maybe fat, but I don’t think they are overweight at all. My pink girl, Amara has the biggest ‘chin’...
  3. Alexemond97

    One overweighted guinea pig and one normal

    Hi, I have two boars who share together everything. They eat at the same time and there is no fight. They eat about the same amount of food. However, one is 1050g and the other one is 1400g. I would like my big boy to lose some weight but I don’t want the little one to be even more skinny. Do...
  4. E

    Is this bloat?

    She’s 12 weeks old I’m not sure if she’s just pudgy or there’s something wrong she eats the same as her sister and her stomach seems normal. She’s still active and stuff maybe I’m just paranoid
  5. W

    Really fat female

    Hi, I have two guinea pigs, Nymeria and Bubbles, Nymeria is a slim american pig and Bubbles is a fat peruvian pig. They are both around 1 and half years old and females. Nymeria - 989 grams Bubbles - 1230 grams Nymeria is about 3/4 months older than Bubbles but Bubbles is so much bigger than...
  6. ChubbyCarrots

    Overweight guinea pig?

    Hello, for a while Coco has been overweight, ever since he was 1 he was overweight but he has reached the peak. He looks like a cuboid now, he drags his dewlap as it is so big. For the past two months we have stopped feeding him carrots in hopes that he would lose weight. Unfortunately we see no...
  7. Lilythepig2017

    Detailed Pellet Question: Fats/ Oils/ Calcium/ Sugars/ Etc

    Hello While reading over stuff I think my pellets (Oxbow organic pellets) are too high in calcium as they say they are at 0.9% I read that 0.3% is the highest it should be. Now my pig is 4 months old so I know she needs some calcium for bones but after 6 months I'd like to pull her off them...
  8. TheLottiediarys

    Bear Seems To Have Put On A Lot Of Weight In A Few Months?

    I'm sitting with Bear my Neutered Male for nail trimming and I'm getting concerned that he's put on a lot of weight It's been happening slowly but I can really see a difference in a couple of months He seems massive today and I'm trying to figure out why. I've been speaking to my partner who...
  9. Ever

    Is My Guinea Pig Pregnant?

    I got a female guinea pig from my local shelter about 22 days ago. I noticed that she was a bit large compared to my other female rescue guinea pig that I got from somewhere else. I was told that she was between 1 and 2 years old. I don't know much about her history, but I know that there was a...
  10. P

    Signs Of Obesity?

    Hi all, Currently I feed my two male boars unlimited pellets and quite a lot of veg. They both way over 1000g/1kg. They run around a lot when I give them floor time. I'm wondering what the signs of obesity are. (They are a year old). Thanks in advance :hmm::)
  11. Kirstin

    My Three Guinea-pigs Need To Go On A Diet...

    So from what I've previously read in guinea-pig care books, a medium-sized guinea-pig should weigh between 1 - 2 lbs. However, after weighing each of them my three boars each need to loose half a pound for them to be at a healthy weight. I will hold my hands up to the fact that I do overfeed my...