Detailed Pellet Question: Fats/ Oils/ Calcium/ Sugars/ Etc


Junior Guinea Pig
Jan 16, 2018
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While reading over stuff I think my pellets (Oxbow organic pellets) are too high in calcium as they say they are at 0.9% I read that 0.3% is the highest it should be. Now my pig is 4 months old so I know she needs some calcium for bones but after 6 months I'd like to pull her off them.

I've heard KMS has good quality lower calcium pellets but my concern is they have molasses in them. I really don't think sugar of any kind belongs in guinea pig food. Are there any other good quality pellets with calcium at 0.3%?

Lastly, I have a general question about protein/ fats/ oils in pellets. Many of these pellets have omega's in them/ fatty acids, soy beans. In the wild what are they eating that has protein/ nuts/ good fats? Are these things actually part of a natural guinea pig diet? I only ask as in the back of my mind I may think about going pellet-less in the future if she is eating a good variety of veggies. I may get a sunlight for her of vitamin D or a supplement.

Thank you so much! And sorry for such a complicated question. Just trying to get it all right in the beginning. :)