1. N

    white stuff on eye?

    gelato, my guinea pig, was cleaning herself. after she was done, there was white residue on her eye. i looked it up and it said that it’s what they use to clean themselves. is this true? i’m worried :(
  2. N

    My piggy ate some chocolate!

    So I don't know if I'm overreacting but my piggy has aten a small amount of chocolate he is only 6 months old. It was barely even a smidge. It was chocolate pie. I don't really see a difference right now it had happened 30 minutes ago. He was eating his hay and running around. Should I be worried?
  3. M

    Small lump near testicle

    Hi all I was hoping for some guidance, I’ve noticed today that my boar has a small (size of a jelly bean) hard moveable lump about an inch above his testicle, near his stomach. He’s eating normally, drinking normally and as far as I’m aware, going to the toilet as normal. I’m going to call my...
  4. O

    Foxglove Hutch Flooring Measurements

    Hello! I currently have the Pets At Home Foxglove hutch sitting empty in my garden, I have some boars I am looking to put outside but the flooring needs to be replaced completely, does anyone have the measurements for the flooring? I’m looking to have two separate levels to keep two boars on...
  5. Peppa+Delilah

    Help for Peppa

    Hi guinea pig owners, I'm brand new to the guinea pig world but am already currently obsessed with my two girls and love to spend as much time with them, reading up about them and just trying to improve their life as much as possible... However tonight after doing the girls weekly checks I've...
  6. A

    Penis portruding?

    My male guinea pig seems to have his penis stuck outside of his body. I've tried recommendations like cold packs, cleaning it out and massaging it back in but it just pops back out. It looks red and swollen, I'm not sure what else to do.
  7. H

    Do NOT Give Your Guinea Pigs Convenia Antibiotic

    My little baby Snugs passed away today. 😢 My partner and I took her to the vet along with our other two pigs because they had a mild cough. They were otherwise doing fine. Happy, lively, eating well. Only coughed a little at nighttime and we wanted to get them treated incase it turned into...
  8. D

    Guinepig toys

    Hello just wondering what the best toys for Guineapig’s are and something that will keep them entertained x:ple:
  9. Y


    does this hay is OK?
  10. R

    UTI Trouble?

    Hi All, Hoping for some advice. 2 weeks ago our little pig Bertie developed symptoms of a UTI (small blood spots in his urine) so we took him to the vet, where he was prescribed 0.75 ml of Enrobactin and 0.5ml of Metacam for the pain. Around 4 days later he was visibly in more pain when he...
  11. X

    Guineapig suddenly lost a patch of fur

    First of all, my 4 guineapigs have hay mites or *static lice* these do not cause any harm or hair loss and most guineapigs carry these. I bathe them with medicated shampoo and give them ivermectin behind the ear to help keep numbers of lice down. One of my girls (juno) has suddenly got a bold...
  12. Ivy_and_Luna

    Guinea Pig Squeak While Pooping

    My guinea pig has been making loud squeaking noises while I think pooping. I don’t know if anything is wrong with her but my other guinea pig doesn’t do it and she’s young. She squeaks for a while then at the end makes one loud one that’s louder than the other and then she’s done. Should I go to...
  13. M

    Guinea pig died in less than α week

    I have had guineas for α long time and I recently got Burt and Ernie (my 10th piggies) from the adoption bit in pets at home last sunday. Today i go to feed and water and Bert is dead? In less then α week of owning them. I want to talk to pets at home because it was so unexpected. Do you think i...
  14. S

    White spots on eye

    Hello everyone :)) hope everyone is having a good day! Mine is being stressfull, because I have been worried about my little girl misty! About a week and half ago I noticed misty had white spots on her eyes, I got really concerned because she has had problems in her eyes before, but she was...
  15. K

    Guinea pig cleaning same spot

    My guinea pig Mochi keeps cleaning the same same spot, one of her back legs. I’m not sure if she is also biting it but when I was cleaning her cage her whole leg and foot was very wet from her cleaning it. I am worried that something on her skin is bothering her? Her skin on that leg doesn’t...
  16. A

    Strange noise and behaviour

    Hello all, I’m a little desperate because I cannot seem to find an answer to my little fellow’s behaviour anywhere! So suddenly, since yesterday, my guinea pig (he’s 3 and a bit years old) started making this strange noise. (I'll can't attach an audio of the noise so I'll link it up at the...
  17. P

    Please help - loss of appetite and bloating

    My pigs are getting both Doxycycline and Baytril at once. I know giving cisapride with Baytril is fine, but is it still fine to give cisapride with both Doxycycline and Baytril? Also, this is a separate question, but on the Doxycycline it says "Take with food", but i can't give one Piggie...
  18. P

    Sneezing Piggie

    Hi everyone, i just joined here because I'm having some trouble. My guinea pig, Popcorn, has been having some sneezing issues. I first noticed it last night, when she had a full-on sneeze attack. She seriously wouldn't stop, i thought she couldn't breathe. The sneeze attack stopped though, yet...
  19. J

    Red patch on Guinea Pig body

    Hi everyone, my 7 month old piggie Daisy has a red patch, close to the top of her front leg. any help would be great. I have attached photos. Thanks, Joe
  20. P

    Our guinea pigs are hiding from us.

    Hello all! I’m looking for some guidance today since our two young piggies Fawn and Willow are hiding from us and seem quite scared of us. If they can see you, they will hide. Even if you’re a good distance away from them. They run into their little house and don’t come out until you’ve left and...