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Feb 8, 2024
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Hello, my guinea pig, Bailey, has a URI. She has been on Meloxicam and Enrofloxacin for 5 days now and she still doesn’t seem to be improving. She is still eating, drinking, and pooping, but it is significantly less than normal. I had another visit with her today to the vet and she gave me critical care for her. Bailey’s breathing is unusual though, and my vet doesn’t think it’s a good idea to do x-rays on her because she will have to be sedated. I was wondering if anyone’s guinea pig has had this kind of breathing before: she breathes in quickly, her body makes a sort of thump (like my mom thought she could hear her heartbeat, but it was her breathing) and exhales quickly. I have been doing everything I can at home besides medicine like a nebulizer, steaming up the bathroom, and daily vitamin C. Please let me know if this sounds like a normal URI. Lastly, she doesn’t seem to be sleeping like AT ALL. I haven’t caught her once with her eyes closed since she’s been sick. Poor baby.
Most of the forum experts are in bed now as it's 2am here. I will check later in the morning and if it hasn't been answered, I will bump your post.
They often sleep with eyes open though and if she is feeling poorly she might not be comfortable enough for her eyes to close when sleeping.
Most of the forum experts are in bed now as it's 2am here. I will check later in the morning and if it hasn't been answered, I will bump your post.
Remember they often sleep with eyes open.
Thank you, sorry I am in a different time zone. I will repost it in the morning if it isn’t answered.
I’m sorry to hear this.

Are you syringe feeding her a recovery feed and carrying out daily weight checks? This is essential. An unwell piggy is unlikely to be eating enough hay. The daily weight checks are essential so you can monitor independent hay intake but also know you are getting enough syringe feed into her so she doesn’t lose weight and also has enough strength to fight the illness.

It can also be advisable to give a probiotic when piggy is on an antibiotic. Antibiotics can upset the digestion and a probiotic such as benebax (give you are in the US) can help.

If she isn’t improving then stay in touch with your vet.

I hope she is ok

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Yes, I noticed she had lost weight when I went to the first appointment. She has not lost weight since we diagnosed her with a URI (the past 5 days) but she has also not gained the original weight back. I talked with my vet about pairing the medicine with a probiotic but she said it was unnecessary.

I have not been doing daily weight checks, should I start at night or in the morning? That might be a dumb question, but I know weight fluctuates with people throughout the day.

Thank you so much for your help.
We recommend a probiotic but it is up to you.

She won’t gain the weight back until she is over the illness and back to normal hay intake. Even then it will still take a while to get weight back on (they lose it very quickly but regain slowly).
It also depends how much weight she has lost and how old she is. The more weight loss, the longer to gain. Also the older they are the less likely they are to ever fully regain the weight.

Weighing in the morning is best. (No such thing as a dumb question).
One of my boys, Dignified Sir George is on antibiotics at the moment. His 3rd UTI in 2 months, bless him. My vet also said probiotics are not necessary but I chose to give them. Thus far he has not lost weight or been particularly poorly whether this is because of the probiotics or just that I am blessed I cannot say but I'll take it.
Dignified Sir George and his boisterous companion Mischievous Master Boris send healing rumbles to your little lady ❤️
Thank you everyone, I am ordering a probiotic for her to take an hour after the medicine. This morning I woke up and she is out and about and eating, so I’m thinking the critical care food yesterday helped with her lethargic behavior. She is still not breathing better, so let’s hope for the best ♡