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upper respiratory infection

  1. H

    Specialist extremely persistent uri

    My two year old piggy named Nugget has been suffering with breathing issues ever since she was just a few months old. I’ve taken her to the vet plenty of times. They always say she has an upper respiratory infection and prescribe her baytril or doxycycline I believe but it never seems to...
  2. P


    Everyone, my guinea pig Popcorn (female, 4.5 years old), is suffering from a URI. She's currently lethargic, is sneezing more than usual, sometimes makes a crackling sound, and is breathing quite loudly every once in a while. She still has some energy, as she has ran a tiny bit (but fast). She...
  3. rinlalin

    Piggie At Vet

    hi guys, my last post was asking if my baby pepé's breathing was okay. you all promptly told me he should be seem by a vet. we just left petsmart—they happily took him back and gave me a temporary refund. he's currently on his way to see the doctor and they'll keep me updated over phone calls...
  4. B&C

    Recovering From Uri

    Hello fellow guinea pig owners! Unfortunately, I need to take my baby boy Blinkee to the vet later on today because he is experiencing symptoms of a URI. :( (His symptoms: less appetite, no pooing and no peeing, puffed up coat, and he is sitting in a hunched position in his cage most of the...
  5. izzyyw

    Uri Advice?

    Hello all, My Pippin has been sneezing quite a lot the past week and initially I put it down to maybe it's the dust from the hay as it was a different brand than he's used to and he didn't show any other signs of a URI. But his sneezing sounded more harsh today and I managed to get him a vet...
  6. Sasco

    Uri Advice

    Ethel has gone down with a URI this evening. She is fine in herself but I noticed her breathing was slightly noisy a couple of hours ago and so took her straight to the vet, who has put her onto a course of antibiotics. At the moment she is eating well - currently has her head very much buried...
  7. M

    Uri Question: How Urgent Is Vet Care?

    I recently got a new Guinea pig and I'm worried he's not feeling the best. He's been sneezing for the past few days. I made an appointment for him on Friday (tomorrow) to get an exam and checked out. I thought maybe he was allergic to his bedding, so I switched it out for fleece. Then on Tuesday...