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breathing problems

  1. G

    Specialist Guinea pig loud breathing and coughing

    Our guinea pig has been having difficulty breathing and also now has a cough. He has been to a vet who’s said his lungs we’re fine and that it could be allergies. His nose and lips do get quite pale and he really struggles to breathe. Baytril didn’t help him. His breathing is very loud and...
  2. PigMummyEm

    Respiratory infection or allergies?

    Hi! So my Guinea pig Fudge has been sneezing and rubbing her nose a lot for the past few weeks. Sometimes when she sniffs at something it sounds kinda wheezy, but generally her breathing sounds fine. She gets clear runny snot when she sneezes nothing else. She’s still eating and active. She’s...
  3. raining.ashes

    Sneezing/pneumonia/lousy vet

    So far I have spent nearly twelve hundred dollars at this vet's office trying to clear my two guinea pigs of what the vet said was streptoccal pneumonia. She also said the tests claimed the bacteria was tested not to be resisted to the antibiotics she gave me. After two rounds of antibiotics in...
  4. Shauni

    Sound With Breathing

    Dear everyone, I have a question about my guinea pig Simba (2 years old). I can hear her breath sometimes when she sniffles. I already went to the vet (she is a guinea pig specialist) and she checked everything but couldn't find anything wrong. Today she had a really weird sound while...
  5. itshaleybe

    My Guinea Pig Has Pneumonia :(

    I'v had 2 Guinea pigs since christmas, one named pepsi and one named Friday. They are very playful and they are birth sisters. We were told at petsmart that if they separate they could possibly die. Well iv been noticing CONSTANT fast breathing from pepsi, i was worried sick for 2 days and then...
  6. T

    How To Administer Inhalers?!

    my pig Willow has been prescribed inhalers to help her lungs intake more oxygen. How do I effectively get her to inhale as much of the puff as possible? I have little masks but it sprays too violently in her face. I also use a nebulisation chamber for Willow but I feel the volume of the box is...
  7. T

    Please Please I Need Help!:( Severe Piggie Breathing Problems!

    I am really at a loss of what to do anymore:( nobody seems to have a slight incline what could be wrong with my pig, even the vets. I've taken Willow to two vets- I rescued her from someone at college who could no longer care for her, I was told she had a sever respiratory infection while with...
  8. Coconut piggy

    Quiet & Congested Sounding

    About 1 year old female pig was out of the cage for cuddling, when I noticed she was very quiet. Usually, she would be loud and happy, but for some reason this time she only made very faint chutting noises when I pet her. When listening closer, I realized that she was making a strange congested...
  9. Potatoandwombat

    Is My Pig Having Breathing Troubles?

    Recently my pig has been sleeping a lot more, though I am weighing him daily and he has not been loosing weight. He has currently has a sore on his back foot, and has bee limping with the other, which I will be taking him in next week for, however if he's having breathing issues and it is...
  10. Beans&Toast

    Possible Heart Problem For Toast.

    I haven't really been on here in ages. I've been so busy travelling with work then my Mum's been really ill on top of the pigs being ill too :( I have a horrible feeling Toast has a heart problem. For well over 6 months now she's been making the hooting/crackling sounds accompanied with...
  11. Katie Blakely

    Upper Resporiatory Infection

    My piggie has recently been diagnosed with Upper Resporiatory infection and I took him to the vets and was on medication for 1 week, he had a check back after 5 days and the vet said he was fine but just needed to eat watery vegetables as he stopped drinking water. Other than that he was fine...
  12. Beans&Toast

    Toast's Making A Strange Sound

    For weeks now Toast has been making a crackly/hooting sound. It's not constant, it's on and off some days. Sometimes it's very faint but I can definitely hear it and it seems to happen most when she's eating/cleaning herself. She is otherwise completely herself, eating drinking etc and still...
  13. Treaclelove

    Blocked Nose

    I have two boars around a year old that are currently living outside. This evening I went out to clean them out and say goodnight to them but as soon as I lifted the lid off the hutch I heard one of them making a strange noise. At first I just thought that he was squeaking but after listening I...
  14. E

    Post Operation Problems

    Our 4 year old guinea pig Mabel stopped eating last week, it took us a day or two to notice something was wrong and we took her to the vets, she needed surgery and a few days later the vet removed her ovaries which had become enlarged. We took her home and have been feeding her a sort of...
  15. Lottie999

    Male Guinea Pig Wheezing After Antibiotics

    Hi there everyone, My 5 year old male guinea pig Maple recently started showing URI symptoms (crusty nose/eyes, wheezing, sneezing etc). I took him straight to the vet who prescribed him with a week course of antibiotics and some decongestant, (no probiotics, but luckily researched this and...
  16. Terry1975

    Oddball Having Problems - Uri

    Hi Just some advice please, one of my guineas is ill and has been on Baytril 0.5 ml twice a day for 6 days. He came okay after about 2 days but this morning I noticed that his breathing has returned to being noisy again. He was eating well after the 2 days during which I was hand feeding and...