1. jennag446

    Humming noise?

    My pig has been making a weird noise for 6 months now. It’s already been checked by a vet, and they said she was okay, and they didn’t really know why she was making that sound. I’ll provide a link to a video of her doing it. I’m wondering if anyone else’s pig does it. We were prescribed meds...
  2. Caramelchip18

    Partners rats from pets at home may be sick, advice needed.

    Just as the title says, if the rat is sick and he takes it back to pets at home will they help, check it themselves or what? anybody have experience taking bought sick animals back to pets at home?
  3. h.h.lovecraft

    My guinea pigs hate being touched ever since I started giving them medicine :(

    My 8-9 week old guinea pigs came with a lot of sicknesses. They have ringworm, a cold, and both have bladder issues. The vet treats them for ringworm once a week, which they hate and scream extremely loud like they are dying, but they bounce back pretty quickly when I get them home. They are on...
  4. G

    Runny one nostril

    Hi, I have just noticed my guinea pig gingy continuesly sneeze a few times in a row and clear discharge leaking from only 1 nostril. He is not lethargic, doesn't have crusty eyes or nose, just wet and runny, only when he sneezes.
  5. R


    Hello! Someone dropped a guinea pig off at my work, so I decided to take him home. I would say he is about 6 months old. I have him quarantined away from my other pigs. He has been sneezing quite often since I brought him home. I have antibiotics from a few months ago, when one of my other pigs...
  6. L

    4 1/2 year old guinea pig health problems

    Hello. I am the owner of 2 male guinea pigs. My one guinea pig, Gus, has been having stomach problems for about a month now. Symptoms: diarrhea and distention initially. Current symptoms: diarrhea, distention, weight loss (to the point where I can now feel his spine), dandruff, thinning fur, and...
  7. M

    Why did my guinea pig die?

    My guinea pig was young and active one day but the next day I saw her sitting in her cage not moving but heart beating heavily. She didn’t even move when I got the hay out which usually gets her excited to be fed.. We tried taking her to a vet but there was only one exotic pet vet close by and...
  8. @the3piggies

    Piggie slow and tired.

    Hi all! I recently adopted Mazie and she was always very shy and not super active, but then she started to get more used to me and her home, and today shes been really inactive and slow, she seems tired and almost sad? She’s always run to her hideout when someone besides me gets near her cage...
  9. E

    Guinea Pig sounds

    hey guys I just got a guinea pig like 3 months ago and I'm wondering what kind of sound is my pig making? here is the link to that sound I hope you reply guys
  10. G

    Desperate - Massive fast weight loss and no vet diagnosis

    I've made an account out of desperation as I really need help with my piggy His name is Gunnie he is about 2.5 years old. He has been eating less and less and has been making noises like he is in pain when he pees. He has been weight for the past 3 nights, all between 10 pm - 12am: 19/02...
  11. Kirbs

    help asap pls, eye problem

    So earlier today we noticed Blueberry's eye looked a bit funny and throughout the day it got progressively worse. I just went to check on him and it's all red and he seems to struggle with keeping it open. I've checked multiple times and there doesn't seem to be anything in it. He has a dodgy...
  12. Benidict+Opie2020

    I think one of my piggies is sick

    I have 2 piggies and I think one of them is a little sick. He still acts normal and is eating and playing with his brother but I’m worried one of his nostrils is clogged up. I don’t know what exactly is wrong and he seems almost completely normal but I want to be sure to catch any sickness...
  13. M

    Guinea pig still won’t eat or drink

    Hi, I’m really desperate for help. I noticed my boar Milo wasn’t himself just less than a week ago. He wasn’t eating much, wasn’t moving around, had a weepy eye and crusts around his eye, was really lethargic and not himself. I took him to the vet and they said it was an infection and he was...
  14. P

    How do i comfort my dieing piggy?

    My pig named chip died today due to my mistake of using bleach in the same room as my guines pigs, I'm a new pig owner so I was unaware it was going to hurt them. But my other pig oreo has been limping, drinking alot of water, has a really messy coat, has white discharge coming from his eyes and...
  15. MochaLocha

    Sick Guinea Pig

    With Chestnut dying in September of this year I was hoping I would be able to get over her death and have no more of it but now one of my other piggies is sick I think I can't avoid it. She cannot breathe very well and is super stuffy, the smell of her reminds me of these cats I knew that had...
  16. Sherman and Shaggy's Mom

    Adopted two piggies, sneezing alot

    So to start off I do have a vet appointment, but I have to wait 3 days beacuse he isn't in until then. However I worry so I'm asking here as well. I just adopted my two babies and while I was at the place, not the best condition, one of my pigs sneezed once. I figured it was coincidence, but he...
  17. Jasmined

    Does this look like a fungal infection?

    Hi! I’ve just spotted this on one of the guinea pigs. I’ve got a vet appointment booked for Monday, but just wondering if any one has any clue what it is. Is it a fungal infection? I can’t tell if it’s on the skin of the eyelid or just crustiness but the lid is also a little swollen. With the...
  18. ChubbyCarrots

    Please help!😭

    Coco is ill. I’m heartbroken, none of my vets in my area are open and I really don’t think he’s gonna make it. He’s breathing strange, he’s only eating hay and even so he’s not eating much, he’s not drinking at all and he’s struggling to move. If anyone has an idea what it could be please offer...
  19. C

    I'm worried that my Guinea's are sick, but i cant that them to the vet.

    I have 2 almost 5 year old female Guinea pigs, one is a short haired Guinea pig and the other is a long haired. While cleaning their cage a checking them, I noticed that both of them have crusty noses and crust eyes. After cleaning the crust off them I saw that the long haired one wasn't walking...
  20. Jasmined

    Is this URI or allergy? Please help

    Yesterday morning I noticed I could hear Teddy breathing a little heavier than normal after I’d heard her sneeze a few times. by the afternoon her breathing had become more noisy and her sneezes sounded a little wet, some crustiness round her nose. By Luck managed to get her a vet appointment...