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  1. ChubbyCarrots

    Weedkiller! Please help!

    Hello, yet another mishap has struck us. We were doing Coco’s treatment by the lawn when he jumped off of my sister’s lap and bolted for our patio. Unfortunately, we had grassy areas so we covered them in weedkiller. You’ve probably guessed what happened by now. Coco ate it. I would have taken...
  2. P

    Urgent: Please Help My Guinea Pig

    My guinea pig is very sick and I can't pay her vet bills and I'm very scared she will die. Could you please donate? Thank you so much. It means the world to me LINKS REMOVED BY MODS. Breach of forum rules
  3. M

    Bald Patch?

    My little sister just got a guinea pig from the pet store last week named “Pickle.” Pickle is very active, playful, and seemingly healthy. However she has this large bald patch on her head that seems to have gotten slightly bigger. My mom is kind of reluctant to take her to the pet store...
  4. ChubbyCarrots

    Fungal Stripe? Please Help!

    His nose before His nose after Hey guys, it’s Lily. I recently noticed Coco had a white line on his nose, I took him out of the hutch immediately because I never noticed it. My other guinea pig, Buddy, doesn’t have the same line. I split Coco’s fur in half and to my horror it was a snowstorm...
  5. A

    Make Not Eating With Swollen Private/bottom?

    I have recently required a male guinea pig. He was from a family that dropped him and did not talke proper care of him. He is not eating or drinking much other than veggie (hand fed). His bottom/ privates are looking a bit swollen. Any idea suggestions of what’s wrong. Ps I have another male...
  6. Griselle

    Help! Guinea Pig Bloated?

    So, I have had Shadow for over a year. Oreo and Shadow have never had problems with lettuce nor tomatoes. Today as I was changing their cage, I noticed Shadow looked extremely bloated, but Oreo did not. I have always fed them timothy hay, but today I ran out, and had to wait for my fiance to...
  7. Barnyard Boars

    Sick Skinnie Needing Advice Asap

    Hello, I'm new to owning piggies and have 2 right now. I have a skinnie named Melvin and a guinea pig named Harvey... I got Melvin close to a year ago, and felt he was lonely and needed a pal so I got Harvey, Harvey has been around probably close to half a year and is still coming around to...
  8. M

    Guinea Pig Making Weird Noises While Eating?

    My guinea pig named Hotdog has been making weird grumble noises whenever he’s eating and I’m worried. Despite that he seems completely fine, squeaking and doing his usual guinea pig things. However, I have noticed he’s being a bit more tired? Since he usually always runs around and tries to...
  9. GuineaPigger

    Sick Guinea Pig - Emergency!

    My guinea pig is having breathing problems, as we are experiencing a bout of pneumonia. We thought that it was over, but today she started showing very serious symptoms, mainly that she is heavily heaving and clicking when breathing. I am worried that she will not last the night. We have given...
  10. Beth Steele

    Guinea Pig Sickness

    Please help- I'm very worried. For the past week, my guinea pig (Choco) has been sneezing. Today I came downstairs and noticed she looked severely ill. She had some white discharge around her eyes, her fur was puffy, wasnt eating, and just wasn't acting like herself. I immediately brought her to...
  11. clawsboo

    Squinty Eye?

    so my new guinea, albert, has a bit of a squinty eye. the person at the pet store said he was about 4 weeks old. he has his own cage away from my other girls. i’m very worried because he has one squinty eye and there’s a bit of light yellow gunk coming out. the other eye is completely fine. he...
  12. itshaleybe

    My Guinea Pig Has Pneumonia :(

    I'v had 2 Guinea pigs since christmas, one named pepsi and one named Friday. They are very playful and they are birth sisters. We were told at petsmart that if they separate they could possibly die. Well iv been noticing CONSTANT fast breathing from pepsi, i was worried sick for 2 days and then...
  13. LunaRaze

    Fights And Sick Guinea Pig.

    Hi everybody, first ill let you know my guinea pigs. I have 2 female guinea pigs Coco who is about 2-2 1/2 years old and is the mother to Velvet, and Velvet who is 1- 1 1/2. So earlier today Velvet started chasing Coco around the cage and nipping her which i noticed as a dominance thing. But...
  14. C

    Guinea Pig Won't Eat Pellets!

    My guinea pig, Cabbage (Male), will not eat pellets at all. He has recently been taken off of antibiotics after an infection on his jaw, and now he will literally eat anything but pellets. Hay, fruits, veggies, anything. Even the critical care he needs. He will not drink water either, and his...
  15. H

    Lethargic Guinea Pig And Poop Issues

    my guinea pig started to act weird about a day ago. He’s not as energetic. He has some wet poop on his bottom. He has eaten a few pieces of romaine lettuce and some peppers. He seems to be a little tense too. He is staying in one place. We fed him a little bit of water through a dropper. He...
  16. M

    Can Introducing My Guinea Pig To New Animals Affect Their Behavior?

    I've had my guinea pig, Ollie, for about 3 years now and she's been with a cat most of her life and that never bother her. We recently gave away my cat and this evening we brought inside my 2 dogs. Since they have come in, Ollie has been very lethargic and won't eat while she's in her cage. I...
  17. Z

    Uneven And Labored Breathing?

    I have a 5 month old Abyssinian who is a bit of a medical mystery. I took her to the vet about a month ago because she started coughing frequency. She got diagnosed with mild pneumonia and we started Baytril twice a day for 10 days. It is hard to say if it actually helped or not, she still...
  18. T

    X Ray Or Ultrasound Scan?

    My pig has chronic respiratory issues which one vet has said its due to a possible deformed lung that doesn't completely inflate. Her body goes completely limp and her heart rate slows down, eyes bulge, gasps for air etc. Then snaps out of it several times a day. Does she need an X-ray or...
  19. T

    Please Please I Need Help!:( Severe Piggie Breathing Problems!

    I am really at a loss of what to do anymore:( nobody seems to have a slight incline what could be wrong with my pig, even the vets. I've taken Willow to two vets- I rescued her from someone at college who could no longer care for her, I was told she had a sever respiratory infection while with...
  20. WinnieandBear

    Time To Say Enough Is Enough? Help

    Hello, Long story very short - my girl Bear is 3 years old and has had peristent bladder sludge and infections for her whole life. Took a couple of years for a decent vet to finally diagnose and not assume bloat (useless some vets are!) and at Christmas she had a bladder flush op. She was much...