1. retro

    My grandma got really sick after helping clean my guinea pig room.

    She’s been throwing up and had diarrhea. We had to take her to the hospital. Is it possible that this could’ve caused it? Being around Guinea pigs, cleaning up hay. Maybe the Guinea pigs themselves or their mess? I didn’t want her to do it, but she did it while I was at work so I couldn’t say...
  2. W

    My guinea pig is so skinny! I don't know whats wrong

    First off I do have to say my guinea pig is quite old, she's around 7 years old. For the past little while she's become very skinny and lethargic but she's still very ravenous when food or treats are coming..the only problem is, she doesn't chew properly, not the way she used to atleast or like...
  3. L

    HELP! My pig is hooting!

    Hello! My boy Pip has started making hooting noises! Since last night, he has not moved very far from his little house. I would say Pip is a little bit of an over achiever when it comes to his day to day life so I am very worried for him. He will not eat his favorite hay, nor will he drink...
  4. SydneySharkk

    Weird mark on guinea pigs ear, and pairing a trio

    So I just adopted two more girl guinea pigs today (now I’m at a total of 5 pigs all together!) I wanted to pair two with my one girl XiaoXiao (who is recovering from a dental issue) I felt like now would be a good time to finally get her some friends. I just got them home today and I cleaned...
  5. B

    possibly sick guinea pig? please advise

    my guinea pig was adopted just over two weeks ago, and has been doing pretty well. he gets along with his cagemate, has bright eyes and is constantly popcorning. i haven’t weighed him yet, as he is still not comfortable being picked up. so, he’s been a pretty happy, healthy pig. however, over...
  6. M

    PLEASE HELP - Crusty Eye

    At first it was just little white flakes that would go away, assuming she cleaned them off herself. Now it’s gotten this bad in the span of 3-4 days. It’s only in her left eye, and my other piggy doesnt have it. She also hasnt been eating as many pellets as before. Her and her sister would...
  7. K

    Guinea Pig's Stomach looks like it is pulsating or she is breathing very quickly?

    I'm currently in a situation where I can't take my guinea pig to the vet (it is 3am here and the vet opens in 6 hours). But my guinea pig has started not eating her veggies today, and now her stomach is moving extremely quickly, and almost looks like it is pulsating. She is not moving around...
  8. P


    Everyone, my guinea pig Popcorn (female, 4.5 years old), is suffering from a URI. She's currently lethargic, is sneezing more than usual, sometimes makes a crackling sound, and is breathing quite loudly every once in a while. She still has some energy, as she has ran a tiny bit (but fast). She...
  9. fiafia

    please help - change in behaviour

    Hi, my roommate and I purchased our sweet piggy, Clio, on April 5th. She is a very small and sweet piggy and has never been aggressive or nervous in the slightest until recently. She is normally pretty laid back piggy that loves cuddles and quality time. I have been noticing an attitude switch...
  10. haylbeth

    Unknown liquid

    Hi, I’m a recent guinea pig owner of two young girls, had them since January. I’ve just found this liquid in their cage while cleaning and I’m concerned about what it is? They’ve also been doing this puffing of air thing quite often, not sure if it is sneezing and if this is related. Help would...
  11. L

    Tumor/ cyst on lip?

    My 6 month male baby guinea pig named Loco recently formed this hard, puss-like blotch under his bottom lip. I thought I was food at first so I wiped with with a warm face clothes but it would rip his fur off because of how stuck it is. What is this and how can I help him? He lives with another...
  12. A

    HELP! Sick/Dying Guinea

    So any advice would be extremely helpful. My guinea's health has deteriorated within the last 24 hours. I'm taking her to the vet in the morning but now I'm wondering if it's best to let nature run its course here at home. Without stressing her with a car ride. She's eating and drinking still, a...
  13. B

    Sneezing and slight cough. What is it?

    Hello, I recently got two new skinny pigs about a week ago Char(Charcoal) and Scotch. When I first got them I heard small sneezing noises and was highly concerned. I contacted the local pet store where I received them (private owned pet store). The pet store held onto them for a few days and...
  14. E

    Is this bloat?

    She’s 12 weeks old I’m not sure if she’s just pudgy or there’s something wrong she eats the same as her sister and her stomach seems normal. She’s still active and stuff maybe I’m just paranoid
  15. L

    PLEASE HELP! Sick piggie

    Hi. I’ve had my guinea pig for around a year and a half now, and I’m starting to get worried about him. He’s had bumblefoot all his life, and I’ve treated it so many times. He’s been on antibiotics three times, as well as home treatments. It didn’t go away this time. He’s also lost some weight...
  16. ChubbyCarrots


    I think my piggie is dying! He keeps opening and closing his mouth, he can’t move at all, he can’t eat or drink and THE VETS CANT DO ANYTHING PLEASE HELP ME BUDDY IS MY LIFE AND I LOVE HIM
  17. PiggiesAndPaws

    Guinea Pig 3rd Severe Stroke - Please Help!

    Hi there, my guinea pig has been having strokes since September and I really have no idea what to do! I can’t take him to the vets because they’re all closed, he’s paralysed and can only move his front two paws slightly, he’s still pooping but he looks like he’s dead. I know that he’s still...
  18. B

    Help please!

    Hi , My guineas name is Hendrix , he’s 3.5 years old and I can’t really explain how scared I am for him. Right now I am going through a bit of trouble financially. I just had enough to get his teeth & nails clipped this month, not enough for a 100$ exam like I know he needs. They didn’t give me...
  19. B


    Bortus has been sneezing a fair amount the last few days, he'll sneeze 3 or so times in a row every few hours. He's had zero other symptoms, eyes ears and nose all look fine he's eating normally, and ive been checking his weight seems to be fine, only thing different would be the sneezing and...
  20. EllieAndChester

    Neutered Piggy Not Acting Normal

    This past Monday my little guy got neutered. The vet told me he'd be okay in about a week, but I've begun to worry about him. Out of my two, he is my most active, vocal, and friendly. I have seen him eat, so to say he's not eating would be a little far fetched. He eats his vitamin c tablet in...