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  1. nicolecorrine

    Guinea Pigs Legs Not Working

    I just took my guinea pig to the emergency vet because she was wobbling around yesterday and then was unable to move her legs this morning. She was eating and drinking well, however, she was diagnosed with GI stasis at the vet. Something that doesn’t make sense to my vet and I is that she was...
  2. nicolecorrine

    Please help, sick guinea pig

    My poor girl, Bailey, has been struggling for about a month with a URI. She is taking .2 ml of Enrofloxacin and .24 ml of Meloxicam daily. I have been to the vet 3 times and I am scheduling one this morning when my vet opens, however, it will probably be a few days until she gets an appointment...
  3. P

    Are they sick

    I have a male and female, I was told they were two boys but turns out they wasn't but anyway they both have a slight cough they don't do it all the time maybe once a day a piece maybe more but what are some other signs I need to look for? Maybe this has something to do with it the female she's...
  4. nicolecorrine

    Guinea Pig URI Help

    Hello, my guinea pig, Bailey, has a URI. She has been on Meloxicam and Enrofloxacin for 5 days now and she still doesn’t seem to be improving. She is still eating, drinking, and pooping, but it is significantly less than normal. I had another visit with her today to the vet and she gave me...
  5. P

    I Need Help Identifying What Is Happening With My Piggy!

    Hello, one of my guinea pigs named Pou (1 year old) is currently making these deep oinking noises which are sometimes softer and then louder, I think the noise is coming from her throat. She stops making the noises when I carry her but continues in her cage. She is lightly wheezing from her nose...
  6. B

    hiding too much?

    Hi! I’m a bit concerned about my piggies, I took them to the vet last week and they both had URI’s, I just finished both of their rounds of antibiotics yesterday. They’re both 3 months old and I just got them a couple weeks ago, but they seem to have regressed a bit with being scared. I had them...
  7. mordeandrigs

    Black Mold Exposure?

    I had made another thread asking for help about some of the strange behaviors and symptoms I was seeing in my 2 boars the past few weeks, which goes a lot more in depth on everything that’s been going on. Since that thread, my quarterly inspection at my apartment done by maintenance found what...
  8. D

    My pig has become somewhat paralyzed, and she's not being herself.

    She's 6. Yesterday she lost control of her left hind leg, and wasn't able to move without using alot of her energy. She struggled to walk to her water, but she drank alot and ate alot too. Today though, both of her hind legs gave, and she's struggling so bad to even move. I can't go to the vet...
  9. P

    Passing large tissue

    Hello I'm having quite a serious issue. My female pig got sick recently, first we noticed she was drinking more water than usual and then I noticed she was peeing a lot and her bottom would be wet all over. I tried to make an appointment for her to get checked when I noticed the water situation...
  10. M

    Mass found in or around uterus

    Sunday morning (Oct. 9) I picked up my 4-year-old guinea pig, Rummy, to say good morning and noticed blood coming from her genital area. I called multiple ER vets as none near me treat guinea pigs or were even open. We drove an hour and a half to the nearest vet, with all three of our girls, and...
  11. O

    Old Man Nibbler Sick

    Hi everyone! My wife and I have an elder 6.5 year old boar named Nibbler who is battling a few illnesses right now that have us really concerned. We are located in the US and can kindly use some assistance, feedback, and personal experiences. My apologies in advance for the incredibly long...
  12. C

    Small long bug found in guinea pig cage?

    I found these bugs in my guineas cage, I’m treating him for some type of mite/lice not sure what. Could it be these and what is it called? So grossed out!
  13. kerry3383

    irregular poop - advice please!

    there’s some kind of goop in my guinea pigs poop? where the red arrow is? this was taken straight after she passed it as i watched her go then thought i’ll just check it make sure it’s looking healthy and saw this? should i be concerned? i checked her over and she seems fine other than her...
  14. Lunapxggies


    Another thing on the new pigs I brought in yesterday. The younger one (and the bigger one) I noticed her eye is a bit droopy. I looked it up and it said it was normal but I am very worried about her.
  15. Lunapxggies


    Yesterday I took in one of my mutual friends two female guinea pigs (their cage is absolutely tiny and I got a new one that’s coming within the next few days but as for now they’re in a small cage). I was checking up on them today, Pumpkin (who is the brown one and is younger) seems obviously...
  16. Fiona1987

    How much critical care to give.

    Evening fellow piggy parents, My little piggy has been off his food since this morning and his hay intake has also been low with him just picking a few bits. He’s been pretty quiet just sitting in the corner of his cage for the majority of the day so something definitely up. He’s off to the...
  17. L


    Hi! I previously had an issue with breathing with my little boar. It got better but it seems that it is happening again but with both of them. They have this weird wheezing sound coming from their noses and they sneeze (maybe 3-4 times a day.) I’m a little conflicted because i don’t know if...
  18. Luvx

    Possibly sick guinea pig?

    Hello! I am a new guinea pig owner, and, i just got a new guinea pig from petsmart, its often known that they can sell sick pets, but this one seems fine, it runs around, pooping an awful lot, eating and drinking, sleeping, etc. Things that a normal guinea pig does, but, sometimes i seen him...
  19. honeydew_eden

    Guinea pig throw up?

    I left on a trip to another state and left my brother to take care of my guinea pigs. Before leaving my guinea was losing her hair at a drastic rate and i thought it was barbering so i set an appointment with the vet for when i come back. I come back around 1:20 am and my guinea pig is laying on...
  20. jennag446

    Humming noise?

    My pig has been making a weird noise for 6 months now. It’s already been checked by a vet, and they said she was okay, and they didn’t really know why she was making that sound. I’ll provide a link to a video of her doing it. I’m wondering if anyone else’s pig does it. We were prescribed meds...