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  1. W


    Sorry for the long post, it's been a long process, my pig Wayne has been sick with a Uri since the end of December. Thankfully the whole time he has been eating, drinking and pooping normally! I brought him to an emergency vet back in December and they prescribed him Trimethoprim (a sticky pink...
  2. sonnie!boy!

    Guinea Pig breathing funny possibly URI

    Hello , Been really worried , :help: in the last 24+ hrs my guinea pig sonnie has been breathing in and out quite rapidly. he's sides of he's abdomen are like popping in and out every time with a constant jolting motion like he cant perform a normal breath. I took him to the vets and they...
  3. NuggetPipey


    Pipey and Nugget both make strange sounds when I put my ear to them. It almost sounds like hissing! Is it normal for breathing to sound like that? It sounds like thhh, thhh, thhh. Pipey especially makes that sound.
  4. PigMummyEm

    Respiratory infection or allergies?

    Hi! So my Guinea pig Fudge has been sneezing and rubbing her nose a lot for the past few weeks. Sometimes when she sniffs at something it sounds kinda wheezy, but generally her breathing sounds fine. She gets clear runny snot when she sneezes nothing else. She’s still eating and active. She’s...
  5. coco&chanel

    Severe Pneumonia Help

    Hello, My Guinea pig Tommy looked to be struggling with his breathing last November, so I took him to the vets. The vet said he had a sore throat(?!) and gave me Baytril 2.5% to give him 0.4ml twice daily. I did this, and he seemed to improve. Since then his breathing has been getting...
  6. Flannery

    Guinea Pig Breathing Noise

    Last night when I was giving my guinea pigs their veggies I noticed one of my pigs was making a strange noise. It sounded like a strange breathing noise, and it was fairly loud. It wasn't really a wheezing noise, but almost like a grunt or something was in her throat. The next morning she was...
  7. Squishymoth

    Hair Ball? Not Eating Strange Breathing

    on Sunday night I took my guinea pig Warp to an emergency vet, because he was not eating, drinking or moving from his spot in the corner, he also suddenly had rough dirty looking hair and receded eyes. None had the know how to do anything but provide some fluids and antibiotics. On Monday...
  8. Z

    Uneven And Labored Breathing?

    I have a 5 month old Abyssinian who is a bit of a medical mystery. I took her to the vet about a month ago because she started coughing frequency. She got diagnosed with mild pneumonia and we started Baytril twice a day for 10 days. It is hard to say if it actually helped or not, she still...
  9. O

    Female Gp - Breathing Issues - Thymoma Diagnosis - Need Help

    Hi Everyone We've just joined this forum hoping for some help or suggestions from a community, as we're struggling to reach any clear way forward for our 4 year old female guinea pig Noisy. Last Saturday, day 1, we noticed she was breathing heavily and a bit slowly, she's eating well, very...
  10. Zelsi

    Breathing Problems, Bloat - Critical Condition

    Hi Everyone If there is anyone who has been in a similar situation PLEASE reply to me. I am pretty desperate and being realistic my guinea pig might not make it this weekend. I have an Abyssinian guinea pig (2.5 years old) called Trevor. I noticed he was breathing harder on Thursday and...
  11. T

    Nebulisation In Uk?!?!

    so I'm part of a Guinea pig group on Facebook and after having my pig for over 6 months she has been up and down with respiratory issues- this is due to a severe long respiratory infection she had very young with a previous owner. It recently flared up and she was taken to the vets and given...
  12. A


    Okay! First of all I know I'm an idiot for this, but I'm having really bad anxiety about this right now. I had my little piggie Lu on my shoulder and she fell nose first into the tile floor, her lip busted and she's making popping noises when breathing and I'm really really scared. All the...
  13. Potatoandwombat

    Is My Pig Having Breathing Troubles?

    Recently my pig has been sleeping a lot more, though I am weighing him daily and he has not been loosing weight. He has currently has a sore on his back foot, and has bee limping with the other, which I will be taking him in next week for, however if he's having breathing issues and it is...
  14. C

    My Pig Is Making Strange Noises?

    Hello everybody, let me first say; I'm a new owner. I've never had Guinea pigs before in my life until this past December. As a Christmas present, my aunt took me to her usual pet store for her dogs and we bought a very young pig. My neighbor had a single pig she could no longer take care of and...
  15. CraigGlasgow

    Fed Up Of Mouldy Meadow Hay, Is A Timothy Only Diet Acceptable?

    So due to various reasons I've just moved my remaining pig Weasley's cage in to my bedroom yesterday evening. Gave it a thorough clean, disinfected, all new hay, toys, the works. The pigs have always slept in my room wheb we visit relatives back hime so I didn't forsee any issues with this. Went...
  16. Mimi'smummy

    Mimi Has Been To The Vets Due To Problems When Breathing

    hi all! Last night I noticed that Mimi was making a funny noise every time she breathed almost sounded like she was grinding her teeth but it was her breathing. I kept an eye on her but didn't seem to be improving, so I thought she was probably cold as she sounded blocked up, so I put lots of...
  17. Beckwois

    Pig Making Crackling Noises

    Hello all! Sorry for the late night post but I'm desperate for some advice. My pig has been making strange noises when she breathes, I can only describe the sound as sort of like a duck! I've taken her to the vets who have listened to her chest and said it's all clear, and she's completely...
  18. Beans&Toast

    Hay Allergy, Wetting Hay And Long Term Fibreplex

    So I've had Toast back and forth at the vets as she's been breathing funny for months now; Toast's Making A Strange Sound A URI seems to have been ruled out as she's not had a runny nose or eyes and it's not gotten worse in the months it's been going on. 2 exotic specialist vets have listened...
  19. Mungojerrie05

    Losing A Best Friend/pet Death Diagnosis

    Hello everyone, I'm pretty new here but today I have spent a large time reading different threads about your beautiful guineas. I'm really sad to say that today I lost one of the most gorgeous, kind natured animals I've ever had the privilege to own. Words cannot express the pain I feel at...