1. JadeUps

    How much pellets?

    Hi! I’ve got two guinea pigs at 11 weeks old and I think I’ve been over feeding! I read that young guinea pigs should have unlimited pellets so I’ve been letting them have quite a lot. Now I’ve read that they should only have 1 tbsp per pig! They’re currently on adult food and I think they’re...
  2. Mystic_corgi

    How much?

    My guinea pigs love their pellets, but I am scared I am over feeding them I tend to just take a 1 cup scoop and barely fill it up to cover the bottom is that too little or too much?
  3. Jesse's pigs

    Burgess pellets

    Hi, Both my boys are fed on Burgess pellets the carrot and mint (think that’s the flavour😂 the orange bag as opposed to the purple they do). I actually feed my rabbit on the same stuff and this is the only food he eats (my boys aren’t fussed). When I had Steve at the vets about his squeaking...
  4. ashleemelda

    Not Eating As Much Hay Beginning 5/7

    On Thursday, May 7, I opened a fresh new bag of hay (I use Oxbow's Timothy Hay/Orchard Grass Blend). Neither of my guinea pigs seemed that interested and preferred instead to eat what was left of their old bag; hay that was arguably less fresh and getting stale. But even then, they did not eat...
  5. A

    Guinea pig pellets

    Hi everyone! I'm a relatively new piggy mum and I’m just wondering how much I should feed my 2 boys? On the pellets we get, it says 35g per pig a day but they get through it very quickly, I’m talking about 4-5 hours sometimes! I’m wondering if they need a constant supply of pellets or we can...
  6. ashleemelda

    Suddenly Stopped Eating Pellet Food

    I feed my guinea pigs Oxbow Essentials (Adult) for their pellet food, and suddenly within the past 4-5 days, they have stopped eating it - they will either eat a few or sniff their bowls once and walk away altogether. As I am normally in my room getting ready for the day while they eat (which...
  7. A

    1 year old and 3 month old. What food is better?

    I have a 1 year and 1 month old guinea pig who lives in the same cage as a 3 month old guinea pig. Should I feed pellets and hay made for adult guinea pigs or ones made for baby guinea pigs?
  8. Simma

    New pellets

    My guinea pigs don't want to eat their new pellets (it's more like granules I think). I tried to mix them with the old ones but they only eat the old pellets. They just sniff the pellets and don't try to eat them (I have to admit, those pellets have really strong smell). I bought a big pack and...
  9. Rebeka


    Hi I've just gone to see my 2 girls and there food bowl is empty think they finished it within the last hour/hour and half I went to to box that I keep there food and it's empty one of my daughters must have put the last in there bowl and forgot to tell me and at it is 11.55pm here where I am...
  10. G

    Not Eating Pellet

    Hi! I have two boars (Patches and Carmal). I had to leave them alone for a week, but I had someone looking after them. Before I left, they would eat all their pellets by evening. This morning, I woke up around 10 am, and they had eaten the whole bowl. The thing is, that there are two bowls with...
  11. L

    Are Dumor Pellets Okay?

    Hello! I’ve been feeding my piggies pellets and hay from the brand Dumor at Tractor Supply since I’ve had them. I am seeing more and more posts that say seeds and things are bad, and Dumor has seeds and things in it. Could I just pick out the seeds and things or do I have to switch them to...
  12. Thiefelli

    Questions About Pellet Food!

    Hi everyone! I've had my pigs for about 6 months now and work in a pet shop so I'm always looking for good guinea pig pellet food. I know that anything with little colored chunks or flaked peas is bad for them so I avoid these mixes. I've tried all sorts, from Oxbow Organics (which they find...
  13. Lilythepig2017

    Vitamin D Question In Pellet-less Diet

    I think I may go for a pellet-less in my guinea pig's diet. What Vitamin D supplements are recommended during the winter months? For the spring/ summer/ fall months I've heard outside for just 15 minutes a day will suffice. Are we talking *direct* sunlight? Or just indirect sunlight outside...
  14. Lilythepig2017

    Detailed Pellet Question: Fats/ Oils/ Calcium/ Sugars/ Etc

    Hello While reading over stuff I think my pellets (Oxbow organic pellets) are too high in calcium as they say they are at 0.9% I read that 0.3% is the highest it should be. Now my pig is 4 months old so I know she needs some calcium for bones but after 6 months I'd like to pull her off them...
  15. Walky

    Leaving Veggies Overnight.

    Hi again, guys. Some of you will remember me, since I've made such a bad first impression of myself as an owner LoL. (I'm that guy who let the dog chase after his guinea pig for the first week) But I'm way over past that, and I've made soooo many improvements. Porca is so much better, less shy...
  16. PiggieNinja

    Which Is Your Favourite Guinea Pig Pellets?

    please vote on which guinea pig nuggets you/ your guinea pigs think are the best as i'm considering switching to something different as it becoming far too costly and my piggies don't even seem to keen on it .... please consider the cost, how healthy they are, and how much your piggies like them...
  17. Jesse's pigs

    Last Query Before Getting Mo's Friend.

    So hi guys it's me again (Mo's mummy). I just wanted to say to those who saw my thread on his 'squeaking while peeing'I haven't heard him since the last time he did it but he does still do calcium deposits. Would love you guys to drop the best and healthiest brand of pellets I could try that...
  18. JuliaBear

    Using National Geographic Hay Topper?

    Hi everyone, I've noticed recently that my un-neutered male guinea pig (~3yrs old) is pooping out smaller poops with one tapered end. I'm reading that probiotics can help digestion. I came across this product: National Geographic™ Nutritious Topping Timothy Hay Small Pet Food | small pet Hay |...
  19. Lexipiggie

    When Should I Move My Piggies On To Adult Guinea Pig Pellets?

    My two female sows, are currently 25 weeks old. I was wondering when I should move them onto adult guinea pig pellets. At the moment they eat Oxbow essentials young guinea pig pellets. But there is an adult version. However, I cannot seem to find any indication of what age they should be...
  20. RJade

    Science Selective?

    I just wondered what the general opinion was on science selective? My guinea pigs have come on leaps and bounds since I have had them on it, after being fed rubbish mixed food at the breeders. I've read lots of positive reviews online, I just wondered what anyone else thought of it. While...