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feeding advice

  1. L

    Cleaning Out a Sebaceous Cyst

    Hi all, My 6 year old guinea pig Luna has had a lump under her chin for around 2 years. It was completely stable and never grew however over a week it double in size and became scabby on the top. I took her to the vet who prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammatories and told me to keep it...
  2. Lizzieejoyce


    Hi everyone! My 5 guinea pigs seem to be a bit bloated and pear-shaped and I don't know why. I stay clear of high calcium foods regularly because of strong white wee in the past when I first rescued them so I'm really confused what's going on. I've outlined my feeding schedule below, grateful...
  3. Pig & Pymble

    Bladder/bowel issues and calcium questions

    This is my first post and is quite long as everything has been a bit of a saga recently! Massively high levels of stress and upset at home, but I'm feeling optimistic about my boy's recovery. I thought it would be helpful to get some advice/guidance as this forum has been so helpful to me, but...
  4. Benandbobby192

    Best way to keep guinea pigs fit?

    So I feed my guinea pigs (1yr old boys) guinea pig nuggets, straw, water and vegetabpes like kale, spinach, grapes and cherries. What is the best way to keep them fit so they have a bright future ahead of them?
  5. M

    Would this work?

    I'm looking at getting two guinea pigs and like most new pet owners, I want to make sure I know what to do and what is best for them.. especially since they will be my responsibility. I read on a few different platforms that you can get your pigs on whatever schedule you would like so I was...
  6. Sherman and Shaggy's Mom

    Is there such a thing as too much hay?

    Hello, I have two baby boars about 7 months and after removing their hay rack, hay is now on the floor, due to someone's suggestion they are eating like crazy. I just bought a big 96 oz bag like 3 days ago and its halfway gone. Is that good? Is that healthy to eat so much? They make me feel...
  7. hannahj

    Am I doing this right?

    Hi Guys, So I've been feeding my piggies cucumber and spring greens in the morning and then coriander and Bell pepper in the evening. I give them unlimited Timothy hay and then they have 30g ish of burgess excel nuggets. I also have some 5-a-day hay but I'm not sure if that is OK for every...
  8. M

    Grieving Guinea pig

    Hello everyone, I had two Guinea pigs, one of whom died 3 weeks ago :( We got the other one (Hurley) a friend immediately on the same day even though it was the hardest thing to do. The little one has gotten quite close to Hurley. But Hurley is not the same at all. He didn’t seem like he was...
  9. Diane Owen

    Getting So Confused

    Looking at this picture am I feeding too many nuggets? They are from pets@home. Also I'm confused about veggies, greens etc keep reading different advice can I have a simple easy to maintain meal plan PLEASE help