female guinea pig

  1. Shaivy

    Diagnosis of Mammary inflammation and biopsy questions

    Hi guys, my female guinea pig was recently diagnosed with mammary inflammation, she has a swollen blue nipple which was bleeding as well. the vet said it's not a tumor and he seemed pretty confident about it.He also did an FNAC to confirm if its a tumor or not.......... So, is there anyone whose...
  2. Gr8lonewolf

    Guinea pig with genital warts or haemorrhoids?

    Hi, I just noticed my female guinea pig, aged three years old, has some weird bumps around her genitalia. Bumps weren't there two weeks ago. I need help identifying what it is. Could it be genital warts or haemorrhoids? Her sister and mom in the same cage as her don't have these bumps...
  3. Wheeky_pigs

    Guinea pig keeps shrieking

    I’ve had Wren since August last year. She’s always been a little skittish and a loner (she doesn’t like socialising with the other pigs and would always be on her own). Anyways, over the past few weeks I’ve noticed she keeps Shrieking. Every time she goes I go over to her but she’s always been...