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female guinea pigs

  1. H

    Young Female Guinea pig with abscess! I need help!

    I have two beautiful guinea pigs named Henry and Celestine (both female). Celestine, the younger female piggy, has had struggles with abscesses. She first had an abscess that was lanced and drained and healed but a new one has grown back. The abscess is on her chin/neck area and is quite large...
  2. C

    Does my male guinea pig living on his own need a companion?

    Hello everyone😁 In January 2018 I adopted 3 male guinea pigs from pets at home, I was told they did get on and that Waffle was the most dominant guinea pig and in the first few days some fights may go on as they settle into their new home. So I brought them home (they have a very large cage)...
  3. nibblesandcoco

    Rumble-strutting Piggie For 3+ Weeks?

    At the end of December, our 7 year old piggie Coco passed away, so we got our piggie Nibbles a new friend soon after to make sure she wasn't lonely, and her name is Charlotte. They have been housed together for almost 4 months now, but 3 weeks ago, Nibbles started to constantly rumble-strut...
  4. Prasiddha

    My Guinea Pig Limping

    hi friend! Need immediately help. I have two guinea pigs named fluffy and icy. I assume both are female. Last month fluffy started gaining weight. Since I am a first time guinea pig owner I thought she is putting on weight. Last week to my surprise I saw three baby guinea pups running in the...
  5. sazmatazz

    Ovarian Cysts - Draining Procedure In Older Guineas

    Hi everyone. I've been meaning to post about Mabel's cyst situation for a while in the hope that it might be helpful to others. We've now had Mabel for 4.5 years, when we got her from a rescue we were told she was 3-4 yrs, so she's around 7-8 years old. Our old lady piggy <3 In the last couple...
  6. A

    I Am Desperately Looking For A Spayed Female Piggy

    I live in Georgia.I have a 1 year old male piggy.I have been looking for a partner for him.I CANT FIND ONE ANYWHERE!Any advise or links to adoptable piggies?
  7. Celine298

    Lady Pigs Are Giddy...

    Just a quick query, are females udually more vocal than males? My boy sunny is super laiday back and usually only wheeks for food, but Lola.... She burbles non stop, 24/7! I was just curious, is this a female thing or could just be that she's chatty?
  8. PixieNixie26

    Dominance/female In Season, How Long?

    Hi there, I am new to the forum, I used to have 6 female guineas but that was a while ago. I currently have 2 new female Guineas, Pixie and Nixie, who are about 12 weeks old. I've had them 2 weeks on Sunday and they are settling in much quicker than expected! I am a bit worried with Nixie as...
  9. Sach15

    Adding A Third?

    Hiya Me and my mum rescue all our animals, only time we've had anything from babies is our kittens which were neglected and was given to us for free! Anyway, so we took in a female Guinea pig in February and she was alone for a month until we decided to get her a friend (we were worried because...
  10. crnyng

    Bladder Stone; Advice

    Hello everyone, my most recent adoption/rescue, a 3 year old female, has been bleeding from her vaginal area lately. Today we had an appointment and have found out she has a bladder stone. I was quoted 600 to 800 dollars for the surgery, which I don't have, having spent 400 in the last 2 weeks...
  11. Beth8514


    I have a female guinea pig who is almost a year old and she is biting me whenever i stroke her near her tummy. She lives on her own and has never had babies. Is it just the time of year (being spring) or something else?
  12. guineapiglover2002

    Dominant Pig Bullying Other Pig Help!

    i have two female guinea pigss around 3 years old (supposedly sisters) and one has been very dominant(pie) over the other one(pickle) and is starting to hurt the other pig(pickle) so i have come here for advice on weather to separate them? should i separate them, we have a spare cage(c&c) for if...