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female guinea pigs

  1. G

    Struggling to get female guinea pigs to accept and trust people.

    I've had my two female guinea pigs for about 6 months now and at first everything seemed to be going well. I got them as babies and started doing lots of trust building exercises. For a while it seemed to work. But then for some reason they gradually retreated back into themselves. Need some...
  2. jenna_r_9

    Need advice on Female Guinea pigs asserting dominance

    Hi I am new to the forum and looking for advice, I have two female guinea pigs who are 7 months old. Only recently have they started not getting along, they seem to be trying to assert doninance and are chasing each other and doing the walk with their bums going side to side. Does anyone have...
  3. G

    Guinea pigs needing separation?

    Hi everyone I have had these two female guinea pigs for a week now. The Californian is 3 months and the crown head is 8 months. They previously lived together on a farm with a larger group of females. I have noticed some behaviour from this since having them, mainly when they are in their bed, I...
  4. P

    Bonding young females - group of 3

    Hi I have two 3 1/2 month old females and have seen an advert in my local area for a 5 month old female who is alone due to another pig passing. I feel really sorry for this lonely piggy and wanted to get your thoughts on introducing this female to my pair. I appreciate that successful bonding...
  5. Hannahb2804

    Noises and what they mean

    Recently rescued two sows roughly the same age and have been bonded since January at a rescue, I brought them home on Saturday and I can sometimes hear them purring at eachother or sometimes when they walk past eachother or touch eachother they dart away, I’m just wondering if they’re not...
  6. ?

    how many guinea pigs can you get from pets at home?

    hi, i want to buy three female guinea pigs and i’m going to go to pets at home ( only because there are no adoption shelters near me at all) i was wandering if they had a two pet limit or if anyone has managed to buy three girls there before? thanks :)
  7. court29x

    Lump on back

    Hi I’m looking for opinions as my guinea pig Bean has got a lump on the bottom of her back just above her bum. When I touch it she moves away but doesnt squeal. She’s eating and drinking fine, I only found the lump last night and ever since then she’s been very feisty with my other Guinea pig...
  8. T

    guinea pig making strange sounds

    My female guinea pig is making a strange noise. She used to make it every night when she was pregnant but now she does it all the time. She seems calm because she just lays there screeches. It’s a high pitch squeal/chirp, it sounds like a microwave beeping but really fast. None of my other pigs...
  9. P

    New female pig and old female pig fighting and strange behaviour

    Hi everyone, I am facing some problem with my female pigs, hoping you guys can help me out. I had a pink eyed white female guinea pig from more than one year and i felt she was getting sad and bored and depressed alone. Two days back, I got another female 1 year old, but smaller than my...
  10. AfternoonNarwhale101

    Midwest or C&C cage?

    Hi guys, I really want to get some guinea pigs, so I was looking at cages. Is the C&C cage worth it for (I'm looking at the medium with loft) an extra square ft of cage room and five times the cost?
  11. celestialteapot

    Introductions...not going well :/

    Spud, is a 9/10month female. Two weeks ago I lost her sister Sprout after a short illness. Initially I was planning to re-home a similar age female but none of the rescues near me had any females. I didn't want to leave Spud on her own for much longer so I decided to adopt an 11week old female...
  12. M

    Difficult Guinea Pig

    Hey all! I got my first guinea pig last year. When i first got her she was super sweet and didn’t seem to have a problem (she was also just itty bitty). Now moving more closer to her 1st birthday she can’t stand to be handled.. bites (where blood is drawn) and just overall hates me or my...
  13. H

    Young Female Guinea pig with abscess! I need help!

    I have two beautiful guinea pigs named Henry and Celestine (both female). Celestine, the younger female piggy, has had struggles with abscesses. She first had an abscess that was lanced and drained and healed but a new one has grown back. The abscess is on her chin/neck area and is quite large...
  14. C

    Does my male guinea pig living on his own need a companion?

    Hello everyone😁 In January 2018 I adopted 3 male guinea pigs from pets at home, I was told they did get on and that Waffle was the most dominant guinea pig and in the first few days some fights may go on as they settle into their new home. So I brought them home (they have a very large cage)...
  15. nibblesandcoco

    Rumble-strutting Piggie For 3+ Weeks?

    At the end of December, our 7 year old piggie Coco passed away, so we got our piggie Nibbles a new friend soon after to make sure she wasn't lonely, and her name is Charlotte. They have been housed together for almost 4 months now, but 3 weeks ago, Nibbles started to constantly rumble-strut...
  16. Prasiddha

    My Guinea Pig Limping

    hi friend! Need immediately help. I have two guinea pigs named fluffy and icy. I assume both are female. Last month fluffy started gaining weight. Since I am a first time guinea pig owner I thought she is putting on weight. Last week to my surprise I saw three baby guinea pups running in the...
  17. sazmatazz

    Ovarian Cysts - Draining Procedure In Older Guineas

    Hi everyone. I've been meaning to post about Mabel's cyst situation for a while in the hope that it might be helpful to others. We've now had Mabel for 4.5 years, when we got her from a rescue we were told she was 3-4 yrs, so she's around 7-8 years old. Our old lady piggy <3 In the last couple...
  18. A

    I Am Desperately Looking For A Spayed Female Piggy

    I live in Georgia.I have a 1 year old male piggy.I have been looking for a partner for him.I CANT FIND ONE ANYWHERE!Any advise or links to adoptable piggies?
  19. Celine298

    Lady Pigs Are Giddy...

    Just a quick query, are females udually more vocal than males? My boy sunny is super laiday back and usually only wheeks for food, but Lola.... She burbles non stop, 24/7! I was just curious, is this a female thing or could just be that she's chatty?
  20. PixieNixie26

    Dominance/female In Season, How Long?

    Hi there, I am new to the forum, I used to have 6 female guineas but that was a while ago. I currently have 2 new female Guineas, Pixie and Nixie, who are about 12 weeks old. I've had them 2 weeks on Sunday and they are settling in much quicker than expected! I am a bit worried with Nixie as...