1. SDRB_TP

    Anyone Used Fibreplex Before?

    Hi, I’m having major struggles with the fibreplex tube I can’t get it to come out nor can I get it to come out the right amount - please could someone give me some simple tips / pictures would be even better. I’ve even been to the vets and the receptionist told me how to do it and I’m doing it...
  2. CraigGlasgow

    Funny Poop Again!

    So in the neverending saga of Weasley, he was looking better apart from the gas on Monday afternoon, so the vet started him on fibreplex to try and flush him out, upped his emeprid to 3 times a day and suggested putting him back in to a larger cage to see if he got more exercise. Last night his...
  3. Beans&Toast

    Hay Allergy, Wetting Hay And Long Term Fibreplex

    So I've had Toast back and forth at the vets as she's been breathing funny for months now; Toast's Making A Strange Sound A URI seems to have been ruled out as she's not had a runny nose or eyes and it's not gotten worse in the months it's been going on. 2 exotic specialist vets have listened...
  4. Hoppsan

    Need Suggestion On Fibreplex!

    We visited the vet after we saw blood in Hoppsan's urine, and after one year, the vet can finally see a bladder stone through x-ray... We were then prescribed Baytril(0.5ml/dosage, twice per day) to treat his possible infection in the bladder. He absolutely hated Baytril, and after 5 dosages...