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fighting boars

  1. frennan

    Issues with 2 young Boars

    Hello, We just recently adopted two young boars, around 6 months and 7months old and everything has been fine until the other night, they started fighting pretty bad and I had to put a divider in their cage. I know some amount of rambunctiousness is normal, but one of them lost a decent chunk...
  2. L

    Can i temporarily separate 2 fighting males?

    Hello! Sorry new to this, but wanted advice! I have 4 baby boys, 1 in quarantine for a URI and 3 together. The 3 have been find until recently, the newest addition to the trio keeps picking fights with the older male. He has scratches and bites on his rump and one on his lip. Would separating...
  3. M

    One boar becomes agitated in bonded boy pair

    I have a bonded pair of boys that have been bonded for about 8 months now. They are both estimated to be 2-3 years old. They have been fine with each other up until now. They have a 14 sq ft c&c cage, 2 food bowls, 2 water bottles, 2 hay options, and multiple houses with 2 entrances. Out of the...
  4. mikroulis

    Depressed pig living alone after fight

    In June 2020, I got three male guinea pigs. They were about 6 weeks old at the time, already neutered. (I got them from a breeder here in Switzerland. Assuming that everything in Switzerland is rainbows and unicorns, I did not do my due diligence, simply contacted the breeder and went to pick...
  5. X

    Boars fighting, blood drawn

    Hi, I’m not sure if this is the right thread to post this in so my apologies if it’s not. Anyway, we got one male guinea pig from a pet store 5 months ago (he seemed pretty young) then 2 weeks later we went to get a bonding service done and we found another male match (according to the rescue...
  6. Vicvac28

    Bonding boars after a loss

    Hi everyone! I recently lost one of my boys and opted to take Rex to a local rescue to see if he got on with any of the boars there to adopt. He is 2.5 and we found 2 year old Alfie at the rescue. On meeting, they were both very relaxed, butt sniffing and even grooming and then lay down. I...
  7. K

    Will boars be less likely to fight if i buy them together?

    I'm looking to buy 2 piggies, ideally females but if they aren't available maybe 2 males. I've heard they are more likely to fight, is that in all cases or just when you've bought them separately. I was thinking if they are already living together when I buy them will they be more likely to get on?
  8. Julezfm39

    Bonding and Housing Issues - Please HELP!

    Good morning! I hope everyone and their piggy families are well! I'm asking for help with some housing and bonding issues. We have 8 guinea pigs, all male, all under 1 year old - 2 piggies have just turned 1 in March. They are all indoors and have the run of the lounge daily, taking it in...
  9. cassts

    Sorting Of Dominance?

    I think this is partially due to me being a nervous new owner but my two guinea pigs (both boars) have been settling in fine yet have been showing behaviour which I'm confused over whether it's simply a search of a dominant companion or may lead to something more serious. Atticus (slightly...
  10. emmafoote

    Help with bonding!

    Until recently i had 2 male guinea pigs who had never got on (one was adopted after another passed away) i have tried floor time many times in a very large room and it’s always ended in a fight and sometimes injuries. One of the 2 (mixed colour Peruvian in the picture) was seeming very lonely so...
  11. J

    Two three month old boars fighting

    We recently bought 2 brother guinea-pigs. After having 3 sets of female guinea pigs who all lived happy long lives we thought males would be much the same and easy going... However, they started scrapping about 3 weeks ago and it progressively got worse resulting in one now missing half of his...
  12. 2 pigs stacy

    I’m new & need help with fighting males

    Hello Brand new owner!.. We got 2 guinea pigs from pet shop back in April, 2 males & were told they were around 8 weeks. We have a 4ft 2 tier hutch & a 4ft by 4ft run for the garden which they go out in most days. So far all was well. But the last couple of weeks they have been fighting, we...
  13. T

    Bonded Pair Gone Bad

    Hi I rescue animals including guinea pigs with my fiancé. I have four permanent piggies in my home and I’ve run into a bit of a problem with a pair I took in about a year ago that’s been slowly getting worse the older they get. I rescued two male boats who were litter mates and they argued a...
  14. Dystopoly

    Sudden Aggression/Humping after almost a Year of Peace?

    I have two boys currently being housed together in a custom C&C cage that’s 4x2 with an extra 1x2 space to the side, along with a 2x2 (talking in panels, not feet. I believe each panel is about 11-13 inches?) upstairs area. They’re brothers and have been housed together since they were born, and...