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first time

  1. E

    Is getting 4 sisters a good idea?

    Hello! I am totally new here and have been researching all I can from this fabulous forum, I have had pigs in the past so am totally aware of all their needs. I am getting 4 piggy sisters at the end of this month and would like some advice if anyone can help me please?! Firstly, is this a...
  2. T

    Is My Cage Big Enough?

    Hi everyone, Within the next week I'll be preparing for the two Guinea pigs I'll be purchasing next week. My mum and I have looked at a few cages on the internet and have found what we believe to be a suitable cage, the dimensions are 102x56x48cm, is this suitable for two sows? Also if anyone...
  3. violetgirl

    Bathing Advice?

    I have a three month old female and her cage is pretty clean but she is not super clean and is starting to smell. I'm wondering what to do for bathing situations? Any help would be much appreciated. :help:
  4. Celine298

    Sunny Is Getting The Snip

    Hey guys! The time has come to introduce my little man to a little woman, but not until he get's his 'business' removed. He's 8 months old, lively, good weight and we've bonded really well, so I'm hoping all will go well with his operation. This has to be done as he needs a little cage mate and...
  5. Tiayra


    So. I have a new baby Guinea pig that I just introduced to my teenage Guinea pig. The older one is Nanook, and the younger one is Nymeria. Now, Nanook and Nymeria seem to be getting along.. Until Nymeria tries to do anything. Nanook will chase her and make her scared. This is the first day, so I...