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flea treatment

  1. lauryn1289

    Guinea pigs and fleas

    Hi everybody, sorry if this post is inappropriate because it’s about guinea pigs but also not EXCLUSIVELY about guinea pigs. Basically my cat Miss Keisha is having recurring issues with hair loss that one of my vets now thinks could actually be caused by irritation from a flea allergy. She’s a...
  2. minnie-bonnie

    Ivermectin Treatment and Cleaning

    Hello! So I have been prescribed ivermectin for my 5 guinea pigs (1 who is new and had her first dose at the vet, isolating before being introduced). Advice on how the process goes? Do I apply ivermectin before or after deep cleaning everything? How many doses should I apply to my 4 adult...
  3. Annie Robbins

    Can Guinea Pigs Get Fleas From Dogs?

    My brothers puppy is being treated for fleas. For thanksgiving break, the puppy will be in the house and he likes to lay by the cage and watch the piggies. Should I worry about the pigs getting fleas from him? What is a good preventitive if needed? Thanks in advance!
  4. Siikibam

    Flea And Worm Treatment

    I was sent a message by the vets saying the boys are due for flea and worm treatment. Is it necessary?