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  1. C

    What Are These? Mites, Lice, Flees, Dandruff?!

    hi there, I have 8 female Guinea pigs (they live in 2 ground of 4) The big ginger and white American one is 10 months, the big blonde and white Abyssinian is 9 months. They both live with 3 other Guinea pigs who are all the same age, roughly 2.5 months, their bedding is simple newspaper, they...
  2. J

    Itching Piggies? Should I Bathe Them?

    Hi! I have two questions: 1. My piggies have been itching themselves quite a lot lately (maybe 4-5x per hour)? Are there other signs/symptoms of mites or fleas that I should look out for? 2. Should I bathe my piggies? I have not bathed them since I adopted them 1 year ago. I have heard mixed...
  3. Siikibam


    We think the boys have fleas, poor babies. Is the best course of action to take them to the vet? Hope they can fit them in soon! Help please ☹️
  4. TheLottiediarys

    Cats Bad Behaviour :/

    Some people might know that I've been struggling a bit lately with my animals mainly cats and fleas, Koda my male cat has been behaving really badly lately which I think is because he's stressed about the fleas, he's allergic to them biting him, So he's been weeing in awful places, First on the...
  5. TheLottiediarys

    Baby Has Fleas.

    Hi guys, I've got a bit of a problem here. My cats are currently struggling with a flea problem, They were allergic to the old treatment I used so had to get special stuff for them. I've treated the whole house with flea spray and what not, (not the animal room the floor isn't carpet in here...
  6. bumbling-bambi

    Worming And Flea Treating Indoor Piggies?

    So i have two young boars and this is the first time i have kept piggies indoors so i am wondering should i be worming and flea treating my boys? Am i a terrible piggie mum for not doing so? The only creatures other than them living with me is a snake and my boyfriend so I'm not sure? I groom...
  7. TheCavySlave

    Scratching Piggy?

    Hi, haven't posted for a while, so anyway. Duncan had a scratching session! Over a minute of scratching with his leg, his mouth, it was awful to watch. There are tiny white specks in his fur, is that related? I've asked mum to take them to the vet, aaaand... She says she doesn't want it to be a...
  8. SazzaG96

    Running Mites

    I believe my boys has got mites as i can see bug crawling in their fur! I was wondering what has caused this, is it common and how do i treat? Can i buy something to fix it or should I go straight to vet?
  9. N

    Does My Piggy Have Mites?

    Hi there We have two indoor piggys, and one of them is all white. I've noticed on her a few times these little dark brown specks that look like dirt all stuck in her fur, mainly around her rear end. A few weeks ago I noticed she had very flaky skin around her rear end too. I sought advice from...