fleece liners

  1. Swissgreys

    A Detailed Guide For Fleece Bedding

    Overview: 1. What is a fleece cage liner? 2. Getting started with fleece 3. Fleece washing tips 4. General Fleece Tips 5. Fleece FAQ’s 1. What is a fleece cage liner? What is a fleece cage liner and how does it work? A fleece cage liner consists of at least 2 layers, and most commonly 3...
  2. P

    Urine going down side of fleece?

    Started using fleece bedding a few weeks ago but I'm having a problem where the guinea pigs pee against the corner of the cage (its a wooden indoor so cant like hook it over the bottom like c&c) and then its all collected under the fleece blanket? Obviously some soaks through onto the waterproof...
  3. V

    Washing Fleece Liners

    So I know that this question has been asked a lot before but still need to ask it again. On what temperature can I wash the fleece? I live in The Netherlands so we use Celsius temperature. Hope that someone can help me out!
  4. Casey Ford

    Fleece Liners And Baxter Pads?

    So I have been looking at making my own fleece liners for my boys as buying them is SO expensive! I have heard pros and cons to the Uhaul furniture pad route, something about them disintegrating in the wash. So I thought maybe Baxter pads for human incontinence might work? They are big absorbent...
  5. V

    Wellness Fleece

    Are there any piggy owners who's using wellness fleece instead of polar or blizzard fleece? Do you like to use wellness fleece?