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  1. V


    Hi all! First time posting. I have 2 pairs of girls that live in a piggy palace 😂 It’s a 2x6 double stack. Buffy and Willow live on the top and Hilda and Zelda live on the bottom. I try to get all of them out everyday but with two pairs (tried bonding them as a herd: TLDR - it didn’t work out)...
  2. L

    Pig uninterested in play/explore

    Hi! This is my first post btw but I was hoping to get some advice for my piggy. I am not really worried about him medically as he seems fit and healthy in all other ways as he is a good weight, moves freely, eats, drinks, etc. However, when I get him out for cuddles, I often try to provide some...
  3. Lucyscavies


    Hello everyone, I’m just wondering how much should you take your piggies out of their cage or give them lap time? How important is this and how much do you let your piggies have floor and lap time? Is once a week enough or should it be more? Thanks x