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  1. daisy bostock

    Amber And Alani

    These two girls are amber(rosettes) and alani(the one who is literally a ball of fluff). They are both a couple months old now and are twins! (Alani is Hawaiian for orange tree!) They are very friendly and are getting very tame and friendly. Soon they will be going outdoors with the older pigs!
  2. Celine298

    Our Little Photo Shoot

    Letting my guys outside for lawn-time is a problem because I'm in Ireland and it rains 360 days of the year here! :td: Generally, our lawn is too wet for the piggies. Lately though, I have begun letting them out on our patio. They get their exercise and can nibble at the lawn bordering the...
  3. Celine298

    My Little Blob Of Fluff

    Just a few pics of my munchkin, Sunny, and me. He loves snoozing in his hay on warm days because the sun shines into his cage in the afternoon. He's also quite fond of sucking our fingers during cuddle time He's a nine months old abby who's addicted to kale ❤
  4. Beans&Toast

    Fluff Ball Pigs..

    So I've noticed that when my two pigs are eating their veg, they fluff themselves up so they look huge... I've tried to get a picture but they move every time I try.. Never see them doing it any other time. Very peculiar. Is there a reason for this or are they just a bit odd? :P
  5. Stewybus

    Scruff & Pongo - 2 Lovely Long Haired Boys

    A rare picture of Tees Valley Guinea Pig Rescue's 2 long haired boys Scruff & Pongo who came here in August & are still waiting for their forever home. Don't be put off by maintenance of their long hair. I just use the hairbrush pictured with them & in the last 4 months have only had to cut out...