food ideas

  1. J

    Can I pick wild forage safely?

    my guinea pig has a good diet of shopbought veggies however I want to add more variety. Can I pick dandelions and greens from down my local park and woods? Dogs go there but there are secluded patches. I am worried about there being disease or something on the plants from other wild animals! Is...
  2. Oreo&Levi

    Young Guinea Pig diet

    Hi guys, I am going to be a new parent of 2 Guinea Pigs (both 2 months old) soon in March when I am going to move to a new place and I would want to know if anyone could give me some suggestions on the veggies and fruits they should be taking. I also want to know what type of veggies to...
  3. Piggiefriend

    New Food Ideas Needed

    Hi! I have been told my piggies need to cut down on greens like parsley, kale and celery and I’m struggerling to find different food - I’d love some suggestions about what your piggies love which aren’t green leafy veg.