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food troubles

  1. G

    Johnny - problems with eating

    Hello all. Recently my guinea pig Johnny has been starting to eat less and less. At first i thought that he had issues with his teeth and I of course took him to the vet to get checked. The vet said that all of his teeth are fine and that his problems with eating most likely stem from the really...
  2. A

    Accidentally Fed Guinea Pigs Moldy Bell Peppers

    Hi. As the title states, I just accidentally fed my two boars moldy bell peppers. From the appearance of the pepper, it looked normal. I couldn’t spot any mold on either the outside or inside of the vegetable. I did the mistake of not tasting them until afterwards I had already given them some...
  3. D

    am i overfeeding my guinea pigs?

    (sorry for the long paragragh) alright so i'm 15 with two guinea pigs, i take very good care of them but my mother doesn't seem to let me have much control when feeding them and i feel like she over feeds them, they have a litter box where hay is in and she gives them like 5 handfuls of hay...
  4. ashleemelda

    Questions After Vet Visit

    I've posted on here several times (so very sorry!) about having taken my girls to the vet on Monday, December 2 in large part due to the fact that the frequency of their poops had gone down significantly. They were prescribed Bactrim (SMZ-TMP) to take twice daily in case it was the start of an...
  5. X

    Guineapigs keep eating coroplast cage insert

    :help::ple::help: One of my guineapigs keeps eating the coroplast his cage base is made of, its mostly for attention i try ignore him but if i do the more he eats. Ive covered most of the plastic woth either fleece or toys to stop hom eating ir but it doesnt work. He has 2 cage mates, both girls...
  6. crunchyjam

    Dental My guinea pig has a really bad gum infection! Help!

    We have already took her to the vet, and we were given medicine. She has been taking the medicine and all, and the infection has now moved in her mouth. The infection started below her bottom incisors beneath the teeth on the gums. Now it has moved to inbetween her bottom incisors, I cleaned it...
  7. G

    Help! My baby Guinea Pig only eats the seed pod of the hay.

    Hello people, I just got a guinea pig 4 days ago now. I think she is a baby because she is very tiny. So, I bought her Timothy grass and she only eats very little of it. I have had to dump the rest out. She will especially only eat the seed pod that looks like soft threads of hair. I don't know...
  8. B

    New baby pig meets BOSS pig

    Hi, first time posting on the forum. me and my partner had our first guinea pigs around a year and a half ago called luna and memphis. sadly memphis passed away due to health complications that left us both heart broken. memphis was always the boss, sat on the hay pile and wouldnt take any crap...
  9. M

    Guinea pig not eating

    I have two guinea pigs both around 4 years old. Both love food and hay. Medici (the pig in question) was 1.6kg and was always a big boy but recently, over the last 8 or so days he lost his appetite. He barely ate for three days, so I took him to a vet and they said he had slightly over grown...
  10. Barnyard Boars

    Pellet Food Choices

    For the longest time I've fed both my hamsters and guineas tiny friends farm food, but it's colourful and I know that's not always best choice but they love it! However I feel like I shouldn't now and should stick to oxbow pellets that just look like regular pellets, OR should I mix them? I'm so...
  11. Hannah Nicole

    Teaching My Piggies To Eat Vegetables

    I have 2 male guinea pigs. They are 5 weeks old. I've tried to feed them them veggies but they just don't get the point they normally just sit on it. I want to teach them to eat the veggies but I have no idea how to at this point
  12. lucyjane123

    My Guinea Pig Died So Young

    So earlier my guinea pig George aged 3 died suddenly. He was absolutely fine yesterday until this morning when he refused to eat. We booked him a vets appointment for later as my mum was at work all day. I came downstairs to hearing him making a wheezing noise as well as howling and hiding away...
  13. W

    Really Scared. Please Help.

    Since my piggies current cage is too small for them I let them roam the kitchen every day. Today I noticed one of them was trying to scrape something off the floor with her teeth. I looked and it was a tiny bit of smeared chocolate on the ground. A little bit must have fallen when I got it off...
  14. bruceandwillis

    Low On Nutrients/picky Eater

    Hope I'm posting this in the right place! I'm new to the forum. I rescued my third little man about a week ago from my local SPCA. He's a year and six months, unneutered, and seemingly very healthy, with his weight being around 3 lbs. However, in his time being here, he's turned his nose to any...
  15. E

    My Cavy Eats Treat Stick Instead Of Food?

    Hey guys. So I got a new cavy about a week ago, his name is dexter. Now I've had cavys before but this is new to me. I put a treat stick in his cage that the pet store person said he might like. For the first week he ate his food, hay and treat stick happily. Now, I refilled everything a...
  16. bumbling-bambi

    New Food Alert! - Piggies Not Sure?

    So I was out picking up some bits and bobs to tide us all over untill the new year and what should i find? A new food! I'm not sure if its new in general or just new to me but i thought id pick it up and try it out. So what is it i hear you ask? Well it's the Rosewood Naturals Meadow Menu...