1. Piggiesxoxo

    Help! Guinea pig’s foot!

    I just noticed this on my guinea pigs foot I got yesterday. What is it? is it contagious? to humans, pigs, both? Need to know asap. Begging, please help!
  2. F

    Unknown Lump On My Piggy's Toe

    I noticed the lump yesterday and was quite shocked since I hadn't noticed it last week when I trimmed her nails. My guinea pig, Vera, is almost 5 years old, and hasn't been ill before. She doesn't seem unhappy, runs around like always, and her appetite is great (and drinks a lot of water along...
  3. ZoeCavyLover

    Foot Injury (please Help)

    My three year old male boar guinea pig scraped his foot. Its scraped at the top of the foot but I am worried it will get infected. I soaked the wound in warm water, dried it off, applied a very small amount of neosporin, wrapped it in gauze, and wrapped in vet wrap. I also changed his bedding...
  4. Matt

    Pig Hopping After A Bladder Stone Operation

    Hi everyone A few weeks ago I noticed my boar called Logan was having difficulty with going to the toilet. My girlfriend and I get him and his friend Toby out to play on the couch each evening with a towel under them and we noticed that there was a bit of blood in his urine. Long story...
  5. Beans&Toast

    What's Wrong With Toast's Foot?

    I've just picked up Toast and felt something on her foot. At first I thought it was a bit of poo stuck to her paw pad so I tried to flick it off, but it's actually her own skin that's cracked... She didn't seem to be bothered by me touching it or playing with it, she's not walking funny or...
  6. V

    Help! Something On Foot

    Woke up today and noticed this on my piggies foot :( it looks bad but I have no idea what it is, does anyone know and have any tips on what to do? Thanks Pics at: Guinea pigs