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  1. H

    Fresh grass

    Hi, One of my sows went into mild gut stasis secondary to uti and had 2 days at the vets for syringe feeding of critical care, subcut fluids and gut motility meds. She's home amd very much on the mend (yay). She's back to her usual self, but to get her eating more herself the vets gave fresh...
  2. Pohtaytur

    First Time Foraging

    Honestly, when I look at my backyard I thought I was going to have a lot of luck with foraging since it was essentially a jungle back there. Unfortunately, all I really could confirm would be good to get was some yellow avens, lemon balm and a lot of perennial sowthistle. I saw some others that...
  3. Pohtaytur

    Red Currant Berries Safe For Pigs?

    Just got a big harvest of red currants and was wondering if my pigs can have some of the berries on occasion. I saw that they and the leaves are safe but I wanted to be doubly sure about it before I feed it to them. Are the seeds a choking hazard? If not they're all going to be made into jam, haha!
  4. Guineapigfeet

    Birdsfoot trefoil and germander speedwell

    Does anyone know if these are safe for piggies? I know birdsfoot trefoil is used as livestock fodder and I think we can eat speedwell but can’t find anything (unsurprisingly) about guineapigs!
  5. J

    Can I pick wild forage safely?

    my guinea pig has a good diet of shopbought veggies however I want to add more variety. Can I pick dandelions and greens from down my local park and woods? Dogs go there but there are secluded patches. I am worried about there being disease or something on the plants from other wild animals! Is...
  6. Herbs&Spice

    Favourite forage

    Hi everyone, These are some of the forage that my girls like; Hazel leaves, sunflower petals, dandelion roots and leaves, parsnip roots, strawberries leaves, birch leaves, oat grass, hibiscus petals, cone flowers, dried herbs, nettle leaves, rose petals and blackberry leaves. What about...
  7. Magician

    Grass Questions

    When feeding pigs grass does it count as part of their daily hay portion or as part of their greens ration? Is grass that has frost on it, but is now completely defrosted, okay? Is grass from horses' fields okay? (We do regularly worm our horses, but dogs can get sick from eating horse poo...